Preparation & Training for Remote Teaching

Those teaching at Charles River Campus or at our Off-Campus program site, please prepare to teach your classes remotely through April 13, 2020, per today’s (3.11.20) message from President Brown.

Faculty and section facilitators in the online program may continue their courses per the OLP protocol.

The following options are available to teach classes remotely:

  • Offer only virtual sessions using Zoom
    • Please be aware that it is difficult for attendees to have Zoom sessions longer than 1.5 hours. You can also add additional content/assignments through your course Blackboard site.
  • Prepare recorded lectures through Zoom and make them available to students
  • Utilize appropriate curriculum materials already created for courses in the Online Program
  • Move your face-to-face course online if you have already taught the course in the Online Program
  • Other options may be used – please consult with the Remote Training Coordinators to discuss your ideas

Please complete this Remote Teaching Survey, so we can provide you with technological assistance as needed.


The University will provide training on Blackboard, Zoom and other technologies. Along with EdTEch and IS&T, BUSSW has three Remote Training Coordinators (RTCs) who can prepare instructors to teach their courses remotely.

  • SSW Remote Training Coordinators:
  • Mena Dasilva Clark, Assistant Dean, Off-Campus and Online Programs
  • Sonia Mee, Assistant Director, Online Program
  • Terese Romano, Director, BU-North Campus

Additional information is available in this PowerPoint presentation to assist you in your training. Please note that we are not asking for you to port your course into an online format.

Please contact the RTCs with any questions you have.