Online Program Advisors


In the first semester in the program, students are assigned to an advisor on the BUSSW campus who provides an orientation to the Online MSW Program, academic resources and information, and an overview of field education requirements.

At the beginning of students’ second semester in the program, they are assigned to a regional advisor who will stay with them for the rest of their time in the program. The regional advisor serves as both their academic advisor and as the liaison between the School and the field placement agency. Advisors are available for consultation, problem-solving, mediation, and advocacy on a range of learning issues and needs.

First Semester Advisors

Diane Crowley           Jennifer Grahek             Deborah Sheehan
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Regional Adjunct Advisors

Sandra Kerns

AK email Bio
Linda Levin

AL email Bio
Nancy Kaye

AZ email Bio
Valerie Piacitelli

AZ email Bio
Elisabeth Gildemontes CA email Bio
Stephanie Lynch

CA email Bio
William Weidinger

CA email Bio
Katharine Hobart

CO email Bio
Russ Rossilini

FL email Bio
Erika Vargas HI email Bio
Lela Hutchinson

IL email Bio
Arthur Bence

MA email Bio
Cynthia Bramble Daley

MA email Bio
Mary-Lou Butero

MA email Bio
Thomas Butero

MA email Bio
Reeve Goldhaber

MA email Bio
Cynthia Jirak

MA email Bio
Jennifer LaRoche

MA email Bio
Kathy Wheeler

ME email Bio
Sharifa Harvey

MI email Bio
Dawn Mead

MI email Bio
Sandra Bragg

NC email Bio
Elisa Klein

NC email Bio
Robert Schooley

NC email Bio
Elizabeth Alvarado

NJ email Bio
Kevin Coffey

NY email Bio
Susan Lundon

NY email Bio
Jessica Martin

OH email Bio
Marieka Farrenkopf

OR email Bio
Kathleen Durst

PA email Bio
Amy Curell

RI email Bio
Darron Garner

TX email Bio
Crystal Griffen VA email Bio
Debra Ostrowski

VA email Bio
Anne Rafal

VA email Bio
Karin Conner

WA email Bio