Off-Campus Programs Administrative Team

Below you will find a description of each person’s role, reasons you may need to interact with them, and the best way to reach her or him.

Mena daSilva-Clark, Assistant Dean of Off-Campus & Online Programs
Office: (617) 353-2803
The Assistant Dean of Off-Campus and Online Programs oversees all aspects of the Off-Campus Programs and is responsible for direct supervision of the OCP Administrative Team.  Periodically, she meets with students individually and collectively to review the program.

Off-Program Directors:
The responsibilities for the directors include the overall administrative oversight for the programs, developing and maintaining relationships with field agencies and placing all the Off-Campus students in foundation and advanced field internships.

Sonia Mee, Director of the Fall River Campus
Office:  (617) 353-2245

Terese Romano, Director of the BU North Campus

Deborah Berglin, Director of the Cape Cod Campus

Cassandra Moniz, Senior Program Coordinator
Office: (617) 353-2115
The Senior Program Coordinator is responsible for various administrative duties as they pertain to the off campus programs. Often, this is the first person to be contacted by faculty, administration and students when they have an administrative question or concern.  If she cannot answer your question, she will refer you to the appropriate resource.

Kathleen Taffel, OCP Librarian
The OCP librarian is available to provide assistance to all Off-Campus students.  Although he is housed at the Chelmsford campus she is available for assistance via phone and email on Fridays from 4:30 to 9:00 PM and on Saturdays from 9:00AM – 1:00 PM.  The librarian assists with electronic database searches; the APA standards; access to Mugar Library’s on-line resources; researching appropriate educational materials.

Off-Campus Programs Advisors
Each off campus site has its own set of advisors.  Advisors serve a dual role as field liaisons and academic advisors for curriculum and program planning for each student.  In addition, they act as supports, guides, and mentors to our students.  If you believe a student is struggling in either the classroom or in the field, please contact the advisor and the Director.