Veronica Robdau’s Social Work Story

By Veronica Robdau I am so proud of my social work Profession! I have been very fortunate to be in a position of working with Military Families specifically with the children of parents who have to leave through deployment for 6, 9 months or sometimes longer. My education has served me well. I have been […]

Krissie Gibbs’ Social Work Story

By Krissie Gibbs I currently work at a corrections facility with both the male and female population, sentenced and detained. Although I have a high caseload and respond to crisis on a regular basis, I always look forward to art therapy every Tuesday afternoon. My co-worker and I co-facilitate art therapy and although we facilitate […]

Maurie Davidson’s Social Work Story

By Maurie Davidson Retired, conservative physician: “I don’t understand why those Transgender people can’t be satisfied in their own bodies….” Maurie Davidson, MSW, BCD: “Because they were born in the wrong ones!”