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Downsizing the Home: Dr. Gail Steketee Shares Her Insights on Hoarding

BUSSW's Dean Gail Steketee discusses the difference between clutter and hoarding in her assessment of the emotional connections to items.  She is highly esteemed in her field.  Her work highlights her expertise in obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders.  She co-authored the book, Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, and the... More

BUSSW’s Professor Tom Byrne and Colleagues Named One of the Five Finalists of the Frank R. Breul Memorial Prize

‪   BUSSW's Professor Tom Byrne and his colleagues were named as one of five finalists of the University of Chicago Press Social Service Review's Frank R. Breul Memorial Prize for "The Relationship between Community Investment in Permanent Supportive Housing and Chronic Homelessness."

BU Today: Professor Hahm’s Discussion of the Mental Health Impact of “Model Minority” Pressures

  Professor Hyeouk "Chris" Hahm has dedicated her work at BUSSW to protecting the mental health and sexual health of Asian American women.  She founded BUSSW's Asian American Women's Health Initiative Project (AWSHIP) and the federally funded Asian Women's Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE).  AWARE seeks to improve the mental... More

Hidden Talent Spotlight: Ina L. B. Frye (Financial Aid Manager)

In this month's "Hidden Talent Spotlight," we interviewed Ina L. B. Frye (Financial Aid Manager). Frye has worked at Boston University since 1980. We hear you have a hidden talent—what is it? I do a lot of crafts, but knitting is my passion. Sometimes I even include crocheting into the things I... More

BUSSW Receives Award for SWRNet at Society for Social Work and Research Conference

During the Plenary Session on January 15 at the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Conference in New Orleans, LA, Dean Steketee was asked to come to the stage to receive a surprise award for BUSSW’s management of SWRnet (Social Work Research Network), the online compendium of research funding... More

Luz Lopez (Clinical Associate Professor) Paticipates in the Fellows Program of The Partnership

Dr. Luz López (Clinical Associate Professor) is participating in the Fellows Program of The Partnership, a Boston-based organization that focuses on talent management solutions for professionals of color.  She was recommended for this program by Dean Steketee and selected as part of a group of mid-career leaders who are seeking... More

Alumni Q&A: Cate Johnston (’12)

“I never heard of macro social work before looking into graduate school,” Cate Johnston (’12) said. Johnston worked in nonprofit management before attending graduate school and was interested in both social work and an MBA in nonprofit management. “The School of Social Work’s program was the perfect intersection of the... More

Journal of Social Work Education: “Teaching Note—Educating Public Health Social Work Professionals: Results From an MSW/MPH Program Outcomes Study”

Clinical Professor and Director of the Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Public Health Betty J. Ruth, along with Jamie Wyatt Marshall, Esther E. M. Velásquez, and Sara S. Bachman recently published the results of their study of MSW/MPH graduates in the Journal of Social Work Education's winter 2015 issue. In... More

BUSSW Student Aida Manduley Joined BU’s 3rd Annual Sex in the Dark Event

On October 28, 2014, BUSSW's Aida Manduley, scheduled to graduate in 2016, sat on a panel of (s)experts at BU's 3rd Annual Sex in the Dark event. Hosted by Wellness & Prevention Services, the event takes place in complete darkness, minus a few glow sticks, to make students more comfortable discussing... More

The New Yorker: “Let It Go”

Dean and Professor Gail Steketee, PhD, was named in Joan Acocella's article "Let it Go - Are we Becoming a Nation of Hoarders," published in The New Yorker. Here, Acocella tells the stories of her mother, Homer and Langley Collyer, and Edith Ewing Bouvier Baele and her daughter Edith, also... More