Dean’s Update: Encouraging All Staff to Work Remotely

Dean’s Update on COVID-19 from March 12, 2020

Good evening,

After speaking with several SSW faculty, administrators, managers, and CORE Team throughout the day, and upon reflecting on President Brown’s COVID-19 University Update on March 7 to the BU community –

“We ask that staff supervisors work with members of their unit to assess their capability of working remotely during the period defined above. It is our hope that we can accommodate staff who would rather not come to campus, but who can accomplish their responsibilities from home.”

I ask each supervisor to discuss with their teams opportunities for all staff to work remotely. I also ask that we be intentional in thinking of ways that working remotely minimizes disruptions to our activities.  For some of you, this could involve a rotation system, so that different people come to the office at different times and different days of the week.  Please discuss this with your corresponding supervisors. In addition, we have learned that the use of VPN may be limited with the volume of users across the University. VPN is the secure network to access the SSW shared drive. Therefore, if you work remotely, you will need to have the necessary files with you as you might not be able to access the Shared drive.

If there are any questions about working remotely, please ask your supervisors to bring them to my attention. We will work through this together. Please go to this link for updates on COVID-19 as well as for present and prior BU and BUSSW communications.

It is clear that there will be some disruptions to our ability to provide services – THIS IS OK! We are all doing the best we can and I thank every one of you for that. These are challenging times for all, but, I have nothing but admiration towards each of you.  I deeply thank you for your tremendous commitment and efforts to working together, supporting each other, stepping up to the tasks, and identifying innovative solutions to overcome the challenges we face.

I wish you and your families well.

Thank you,