Dean’s Update: BUSSW Prepares for Impact of COVID-19

Dean’s Update on COVID-19 from March 6, 2020

Dear BUSSW Community,

Before spring break begins next week, I’d like to share some thoughts and guidance about the current health crisis.

I’m sure many of you have been keeping up with the news coverage of the Coronavirus, and hopefully with BU’s efforts to prepare and share information. I know many of us are concerned and distressed by the impact of the virus on so many communities.

Our University has a coordinated plan to address this health crisis and has set up a website to respond to frequently asked questions and address some of the most pressing Coronavirus issues facing the University community.

Please review the website here – it has very useful info covering a wide range of topics.

As we look after our own health and those around us, I want to reinforce how important it is to do the basic self-care recommended by the CDC:

  • Frequent handwashing is the best way to keep yourself and others healthy:
  • If water is not available, please use hand sanitizer.
  • Campus buildings are being cleaned, up to two times a day, with a special emphasis on cleaning areas such as flat surfaces, bathrooms, doorknobs, elevators, and areas of high-traffic and high-touch activity. Cleaning solutions include a virucide and bactericide, which have been reviewed and approved by the Occupational Health Center.
  • If you have questions about your field placements, please review the information shared by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE – our accrediting body).
  • BUSSW is joining with other BU schools and units to prepare for remote teaching should the need arise to close the University.
Traveling over Spring Break:
  • If you are traveling over the break, please exercise caution and follow the most recent CDC travel guidelines. If you are sick when you return, please do not return to school. We are working with faculty and supervisors to be flexible with the attendance policy. Please follow BU guidelines for this situation.

Please stay informed and take care of yourself and those around you as we work through this health challenge together.


Dean Delva