Giving Back: Help Build the Legacy

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As a graduate of the School of Social Work, you’re a vital link in building a strong and meaningful legacy. By making a cash gift and/or including BUSSW in your estate planning, you can help define the School as an institution that not only meets the needs and expectations its students, faculty, and community, but far exceeds them. Gifts and pledges provide financial support for talented students who may otherwise lack the opportunity for an education and training at a highly ranked private institution. They also invest in the best faculty to influence generations of students who will shape the landscape of service delivery. Any contribution, large or small, will unquestionably help your alma mater achieve its fullest potential.

Further, you’ll be adding to the incredible and exciting spirit of giving now pervading campus. On September 21, 2012, BU launched its first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign, an ambitious $1 billion, five-year endeavor. The aim is multifold: to increase support for BU’s brilliant faculty; to raise the scale and scope of university research, ultimately helping people live better lives; to provide for its diverse student body by keeping tuition affordable for all deserving students; and to enhance and improve the physical landscape of both vibrant campuses. Learn more about the campaign priorities and progress and consider joining this unprecedented effort.

We are honored to recognize the following individuals who contributed leadership gifts of $1,000 or more to any School of Social Work Fund in Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015):


$25,000 – $49,999
Kate Buttenwieser (SSW’63) and Paul A. Buttenwieser
Naomi M. Stanhaus (SSW’70) and James S. Stanhaus

Nancy R. Karp (SSW’78)
The Estate of Faith T. Sulloway

$5,000 – $9,999
Maki Amano
Rhea K. Bufferd (SSW’74) and Allan S. Bufferd
John E. Drew (SSW’70) and Kathleen Drew
Robert F. Meenan (MED’72, GSM’89) and Yana Kotlar (SSW’14)
Doreen Saskin (SSW’81) and Alan Saskin
Brian H. McCorkle (GRS’92, GRS’99) and Gail S. Steketee

$2,500 – $4,999
Donald R. McCaul (SSW’58)
Linda H. Singer (SSW’69)
Paul E. Singer
Joan F. Strauss (SSW’70)
Steve D. Tirado (SSW’82) and Teresa Tirado

Dorothy J. Bergold (SSW’81, SED’74)
Peter Byers
Sarah Brody Epstein (SSW’82) and David I. Epstein
Lauren J. Komack (SSW’72)
Joan L. Kwiatkowski (SSW’85) and Michael G. Tauber
Sarah B. Lange (SSW’93)
Edith D. Lowy (SSW’88)
Julie S. Lynch (SSW’02, SED’03) and David S. Lynch
Paul S. Mersfelder (SSW’15)
Sharon R. O’Meara (SSW’73)
Wilma C. Peebles-Wilkins
Marcia Strean (SSW’54)
Carol L. Thrane (SSW’91) and Robert K. Martin
Elinor B. Tirre (SSW’55)
Patricia Underwood (SSW’07)

Annette S. Eskind (SSW’51)
Cassandra M. Clay (SSW’79) and Phillip L. Clay <<
Donald H. Haliburton <<
Golda Edinburg <
Muriel Bloch Kolner Sieh (CAS’45, SSW’47)