MSW/MPH Alumni

Hello MSW/MPH alumni!

We are excited to now have a website that we can use to stay in touch, have ongoing conversations, and provide a central location for announcements, jobs, and future opportunities.

The Discussion Board is something you have been asking for-and now we have it. We encourage you to network and put questions out there for the Boston University MSW/MPH alumni community to think about and respond to. We also ask you to let us know when there is a change in your address, job, e-mail, or anything that you feel is important for us to know.

We enjoy hearing from you!

Keep in touch

We ask our alumni to keep us up-to-date on where you are and what you are doing as time goes by. Please feel free to submit updates at will and we will place them into the Alumni Directory. Should you ever desire an updated version of the Directory which includes demographics on all alumni since the program began in 1981, please e-mail us.

We look forward to keeping in touch!