Alternative Work Plan for Field Education

BUSSW Students:

If you have been instructed not to report to your field agency site or if you are requesting to complete your field placement remotely, please follow the steps below to develop an alternative work plan in collaboration with your field instructor and advisor.

Step 1: Inform your advisor and field instructor of your need to develop alternative placement plans.

Step 2: Using the work plan template – in collaboration with the field instructor and advisor –indicate tasks and assignments that you will complete remotely and identify who will be responsible for supervision of remote tasks.

Step 3:  If you created your work plan with your field instructor, please submit the document to your advisor and the BUSSW Field Education Department for approval. If you created your work plan with your advisor, then your advisor will email the plan to Field Education for approval.

Step 4: Once the plan is approved, the student will upload a copy of the approved plan to their documents in Sonia.

Please download the Alternative Work Plan form HERE.