Readmission & Reapplication

Desired Start Term: The semester during which you would like to resume your studies

Leave of Absence (LOA): A temporary leave from your studies BUSSW granted on the basis of personal need

Readmission: The process of being readmitted to your program after an LOA or withdrawal period of up to five years

Re-Application: The process of submitting a new application to BUSSW if you have been on a LOA or Withdrawal for more than five years.

Starting Semester of LOA/Withdrawal: The semester during which you began your LOA/Withdrawal (for example, if you last attend class in December 2015, your LOA began in Spring 2016).

Withdrawal: An indefinite leave from BU

If you have taken an official Leave of Absence or have withdrawn from BUSSW within the past five years and wish to return, you must indicate your interest in returning to your MSW or PhD program one semester in advance. Please review the requirements for readmission to begin this process.

If you plan to return to BUSSW within 12 months of taking a LOA, please submit the “Request for Readmission” form below.

If it has been one to five years since you began your LOA or Withdrawal, please submit the following:

  • An application form. In the “Program Materials” section, indicate that you are applying to “Readmission” in the “Questions” tab.
  • Transcripts for any courses completed since your previous application. List only those courses on the new application.
  • Paid and/or volunteer experience. List only experience you have had since your previous application.
  • One new reference. Please do not use the same reference that was used on your previous application. If applicable, the reference should be from a current or recent employer.
  • Personal biographical update. Please write a brief statement about education, work, and/or volunteer experiences you have had since your previous application. In what way have these experiences affected your interest in and knowledge of social work? Please limit this statement to one double-spaced, typed page.
  • $95 non-refundable application fee, submitted online at time of reapplication.

Additionally, you must meet any special requirements prescribed at the time when you left BUSSW.

Please note: If you left the School for reasons related to educational concerns noted at the time of your LOA/withdrawal, your material will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, who may request additional material and/or an interview. The Associate Dean will determine whether a status review should be convened to determine if the student should be allowed to re-enroll at BUSSW.

Request for Readmission

Use this form to request readmission to the MSW or PhD program.
  • Must be within the past 5 years. See "Terminology" section above for additional details.
  • Must be requested one semester in advance. Summer start term available for Online Program applicants only. See "Terminology" section above for additional details.

If it has been more than five years since you took a Leave of Absence or withdrew from BUSSW, you must re-apply to the program by completing the full admissions process. Indicate on your application that you are re-applying in the “Program Materials” section under the “Questions” section. Be sure to upload transcripts for any courses taken within BUSSW. Indicate in your personal statement when you last attended.

MSW students must complete their degree within six years of the start of the program. PhD students must complete their degree within seven years of their start.