Registration Status

Full-Time Status

A student enrolled in three to four-and-a-half courses (12 to 18 credits) will be considered a full-time student and will be charged full tuition plus a GSU fee, a health service fee, and a medical insurance fee (students may choose to opt out of university insurance if they possess another form of medical insurance). Each student must satisfy a residency requirement of a minimum of two consecutive regular semesters of full-time graduate study at Boston University. Students holding regular appointments as teaching fellows or research assistants are considered full time if they are enrolled in two or more courses. Teaching fellows or research assistants taking fewer than two courses may, if appropriate, be designated as full time.

Continuing Student Status

PhD candidates who have completed all departmental course requirements must register each subsequent regular semester for continuing student status until all requirements for the degree have been completed. Payment of the Continuing Student Fee each semester entitles the student to appropriate access to and use of the libraries, research laboratories, academic staff, and other academic facilities of the University for the purpose of completing such requirements as examinations, research, and thesis or dissertation work. Continuing students who are PhD candidates are entitled to officially audit one course each semester without further tuition charge and may register for less than one 4-credit course. Language and physical education courses, studio courses, and lab courses may not be audited.

Part-Time Status

All part-time students who are candidates for degrees must register each semester for at least one course until all departmental course requirements are completed.

Cross Registration

Graduate students are able to take a limited number of graduate courses at many other local universities, including Boston College, Brandeis University, and Tufts University. During a given academic year, a student is permitted to cross register for one course. Students must receive their advisor’s approval as well as approval from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Office and the graduate school registrar of the host institution. Further information about cross registration is available from the Office of the University Registrar, 881 Commonwealth Avenue, email:

Leave of Absence

Students typically register for each regular semester until completion of all degree requirements. Upon written request to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, a student is allowed up to two semesters of leave of absence. The period of authorized leave of absence is counted as a part of the time allowed for completion of degree requirements. Students may not complete any degree requirements in a semester for which they have been granted leave of absence. Students must be registered in the semester in which the degree requirements are completed, as well as in the preceding semester.

Please visit the Registration site for dates.

PhD students can pick up registration forms from Brook Davis. Students should register for courses on Webreg.