Course Waivers and Transfer Credits

Course Waivers

Incoming students with exceptional prior course background in BUSSW foundation course areas may take a waiver exam or complete waiver assignments for: SR 743 Research I, HB 720 Human Behavior in the Social Environment, WP 700 Policy I, CP 759 Introduction to Clinical Practice, and MP 759 Introduction to Macro Practice.

With the exception of research, students who receive a passing grade in a waiver exam/assignment must take the equivalent number of advanced electives in the same department. Those receiving a passing grade for research are allowed to take an advanced elective in any department. For incoming students, waiver exams/assignments must be completed prior to starting classes in the student’s entering semester. The waiver exam policy does not apply to the advanced curriculum.

Students wishing to apply for a course waiver should contact the appropriate individual as listed below:

  • CP 759 — Introduction to Clinical Practice

Transfer Credits

Petitions for transfer credits for individual graduate social work or other graduate courses are to be submitted upon acceptance to the School. Up to 9 credits may be received for courses taken at another accredited graduate school of social work. Up to 6 credits may be received for courses taken in another accredited graduate program other than social work. Credits which have been applied to a prior degree cannot be transferred. In all cases, a course grade of B or higher must have been received and the course must have been taken within the past five years to be eligible for consideration for transfer credit.

Please contact the Admissions Office at 617-353-2306 with questions regarding appropriate forms for transfer-student status and for information on receiving credit for individual graduate-level courses.