Sample Program Plan for Social Work Clinical Majors & Special Education

Semester I Fall Semester II – Spring
CP 759 Intro Clinical Prac. 3 cr HB 721 Human Behavior II 3 cr
HB 720 Human Behavior I 3 cr CP 760 Diff. SW with Groups 3 cr
MP 759 Communities & Organiz 3 cr CP 781 Clin. SW Assment. & Int. 3 cr
WP 700 Soc. Welfare Policy I 3 cr SR 743 Research I 3 cr
FE 801 Field Education I 3 cr WP 701 Soc. Welfare Policy II 3 cr
FE 800 Field Education Seminar 0 cr FE 802 Field Education II 3 cr
Total credits 15 cr FE 800 Field Education Seminar 0 cr
Total credits 18 cr
Semester III Fall Semester IV Spring
HB 735 Impl. of Racism 3 cr FE 804 Field Education IV 4 cr
FE 803 Field Education III 4 cr SE 706 Intro. Special Education
(B elective )
4 or 3 cr
RS 653 Quantitative Research Methods – Research II 4 or 3 cr SP 759 Social Work Prac. & Ethics 3 cr
SE 744 Spec. Ed. Admin.
(A elective)
4 or 3 cr Elective at SSW or SED
(C elective)
3 cr
CP XXX Advanced Clin. Elective 3 cr Elective at SSW or SED
(C elective)
3 cr
Total credits 16–18 cr Total credits 16–17 cr

Master of Social Work awarded at 65 credits

Any student in a field placement must concurrently take a clinical practice course. Any student taking a practice course must concurrently be in a field placement.

The program at the School of Education is tailored to the individual student. It varies according to what previous education courses the student has had and whether the student wants certification in addition to the master’s degree. Planning is done with each student’s advisor and the program coordinator.