Family Therapy Certificate—Sample Program Plan For Full-Time Students

Semester I Semester II
CP 759 Intro. to Clinical Prac. 3 cr CP 770 Clin. Prac w/Individuals 2 cr
MP 759 Communities & Organ. 3 cr CP 771 Clin. Prac w/Groups 2 cr
HB 720 Human Behavior I 3 cr CP 772 Clin. Prac w/Families 2 cr
WP 700 Soc. Welfare Policy I 3 cr HB HB Elective 3 cr
FE 801 Field Ed. I 3 cr WP 701 Soc. Welfare Policy II 3 cr
FE 800 Field Ed. Seminar 0 cr FE 802 Field Ed. II 3 cr
FE 800 Field Ed. Seminar 0 cr
SR 743 SW Research I 3 cr
Total credits 15 cr Total credits 18 cr
Semester III Semester IV
CP 785 Family Therapy (REQ) 3 cr CP 791 Sem. in Family Therapy (REQ) 3 cr
HB 741 

HB 723

HB 727

HB 743

Family Value in Society or 

Adult Psychopathology or

Child Psychopathology or

Social Work with Refugees and Immigrants

3 cr CP 794 

CP 787

CP 803

Child & Adolescence or 

Couples Therapy or

Clinical Practice & Trauma

3 cr
HB 735 Racism 3 cr SP 741 SW Practice Ethics 3 cr
SR 744 SW Research II 3 cr WP 706 

WP 710

WP 707

Social Policy & Family or Fam. Law & Child Rights or Social Welfare Policy & Programs on Children 3 cr
FE 803 Field Ed III 4 cr
FE 804 Field Ed. IV 4 cr
Total credits 16 cr Total credits 16 cr


HB 723, HB 727, HB 743, and HB 741 meet category B requirement.
CP 787, CP 791, and CP 794 each meet the category C elective requirement.

WP 706 Social Policy and the Family or WP 710 Family Law and Children’s Rights or a WP course approved by the FTCP director will meet category A requirement.

Any student in a field placement must concurrently take a clinical practice course. Any student taking a practice course must concurrently be in a field placement.

Any variation from this program must have the written permission of the director of the Family Therapy Certificate Program. A copy of the approval will be placed in the student’s file in the SSW registration administrator’s office.