Family Therapy Certificate Program Plan For Full-Time Advanced Standing Students

Any applicant to the Advanced Standing Program who is also interested in the Family Therapy Certificate Program must have a prior GPA of at least 3.0 and must apply to the FTC Program within two weeks of receipt of their SSW acceptance packet. The following is a full-time Advanced Study program plan. Part-time AS students should meet with the director of the FTCP to discuss their participation in the program. An FTCP application can be obtained from the secretary for the clinical practice sequence at 617-353-3752 and should be returned to the Clinical Practice Sequence Secretary. Only applicants who have paid their deposit will be considered for the FTC program. Applicants will be notified of acceptance into the FTC Program within six weeks of application.
FTCP applicants must plan to attend BUSSW full time during the academic year that they enter and complete three* courses the following summer. Courses will be completed by early August. Please review the program plan carefully.

Semester I Semester II
SR 743 Research I * or   CP 787 Couples Therapy or  
SR 744 Research II 3 cr CP 794 Child & Adolescence  3 cr
CP 781 Clin. Assmnt. & Interv. 3 cr CP 760 Diff. SW w/Groups 3 cr
CP 785 Family Therapy 3 cr FE 804 Field Ed. IV 4 cr
HB 732 (B.) Persp. on Family 3 cr SP 741 SW Practice Ethics 3 cr
FE 803 Field Ed. III 4 cr CP 791 Seminar in Family Therapy 3 cr
FE 800 AS Field Seminar 0 cr FE 800 AS Field Seminar 0 cr
  Total credits 16 cr   Total Credits 16 cr
Semester III – Summer  
HB 735 Implications of Racism 3 cr  
WP 710 (A.) Fam Law & Child Rts. 3 cr  
*SR 744 Research II 3 cr  
  Total credits 9 cr  

TOTAL CREDITS:          41
*If the student passes the SR743 (Research I) exam, the student will take SR744 (Research II) during Semester I rather than in the summer.

Any variation from this program must have the written permission of the Director of the Family Therapy Certificate Program and the Director of Student Services. A copy of the approval will be place in the SSW Registration administrator’s Office.