Sample MSW/MPH Program

Note: This is a sample program only! Programs will differ due to courses selected, major or concentration, or full or part time status.  Some concentrations at SPH require a thesis; please read the SPH web site and materials carefully and consult with your advisers. Some concentrations may require different versions of basic core courses, particularly International Health. It is your responsibility to be clear on the requirements of your major and your concentration.  The Program Director hosts regular advising sessions, but these do not replace the need for consultation with departmental concentration advisers. If there are discrepancies in advice, please bring them to the attention of the Program Director at; please check the MSW/MPH web page regularly.

In Residence SSW
Semester 1 Semester 2
CP759 Intro to Clinical Practice 3 Clinical or Macro Major Method 3
MP759 Intro to Macro Practice 3 Clinical or Macro Major Method 3
HB720 Human Behavior 1 3 HB Human Behavior Elective 3
WP700 Welfare Policy 1 3 WP 701 Welfare Policy 2 3
FE 801 Field Education 1 3 FE802 Field Education 2 3
Total Credits 15 SR743 Research I* 3
Total Credits 18
Summer Semester
HB735 Implications of Racism 3
Semester 3 Semester 4
Category C Elective 3 SP741 Ethics (Dual Degree Section) 3
Clinical or Macro Major Method 3 EP713 Epidemiology (SPH) 3
EB701/703 Biostatistics (SPH) 3 Category B Elective (SSW) 3
PM702 Health Policy and Management (SPH) 3 Category C Elective (either school) 3
FE803 Field Education III 4 FE804 Field Education IV 4
Total Credits 16 Total Credits 16
**MSW can be awarded when 65 credits in SSW are completed.
Semester 5 (In-residence SPH) Semester 6
LW751 Health Law 4 Concentration Course 4
EH703 Environmental Health 2 Concentration Course 4
Concentration Course 4 Elective 4
PH971 Public Health Practicum Seminar*** 1 Elective 4
One Elective at SPH 4 Elective 2**
Total Credits 15 Total Credits 18
****MPH is granted with the completion of the 100 credits.

*RESEARCH 1 WAIVER EXAM: MSW/MPH students are strongly encouraged to take the waiver exams for the Research One course at SSW. Please review orientation materials carefully for announcements for these yearly waivers or contact the research office for more information.

**MSW granted with completion of 65 credits.

***SPHS Practicum: There is a practicum requirement at BUSPH. However, in recognition of the 1300 hours spent in MSW field internships, SPH has developed a seminar to assist MSW/MPH students in completing the MPH Practicum requirement without having to do a third internship. PH971 MSW/MPH Seminar meets for two sessions of two hours each with various faculty from the Office of Public Health Practice, and is offered each semester and in summer. Students are free to choose this method of meeting the practicum requirement or, alternatively, choosing to complete an SPH practicum. There are many wonderful practicum opportunities and students are strongly encouraged to consider whether a practicum in public health would strengthen their professional readiness for public health practice. Most MSW/MPH students report that a practicum is very helpful.  Please contact SPH Practicum Director, Scott Harris (, for more information about PH971 and its alternatives.

****MPH is granted with the completion of the 100 credits

Students in the MSW/MPH program enjoy a number of course exchanges, exemptions and opportunities.

  • SPH BS701/703 Biostatistics OR Research II at SSW is required and students may meet this requirement by taking either course; however, Biostatistics is strongly recommended. (Note that BS703 , an accelerated Biostatistics course and EP712 Epidemiological Methods  are strongly recommended for Epidemiology, Environmental Health and Biostatistics concentrators. If you plan to concentrate in one of these areas, please plan to take BS703 and EP 712).
  • SPH EP713Epidemiology is required and replaces a SSW Category C elective.
  • SPH PM702 Health Policy is required of all MSW/MPH students and it replaces the SSW Category A elective.
  • SPH SB820 Assessment/Planning Health Promotion MAY replace a SSW Category B elective
  • SPH SB721 Intro to Behavioral Sciences and Public Health is WAIVED for all MSW/MPH students. Students satisfy the requirement by completing the two course Human Behavior sequence at BUSSW.
  • SSW SP741 Social Work Professional Ethics for Dual Degree Students is required for all MSW/MPH students at BUSSW. ALL MSW/MPH students are expected to enroll in this section and exceptions will be made only under extenuating circumstances.