Program Plans

Charles River
Beginning September 2016
Beginning May 2014
Full time, Clinical Full time, Clinical (with Research I)
Full time, Macro Full time, Clinical (having waived out of Research I)
Full time, Macro (with Research I)
Part-time AS students should meet with Student Services to develop a program plan. Full time, Macro (having waived out of Research I)

    Social Work and Education Social Work Clinical Majors and Special Education
    Social Work Macro Majors and Special Education
    Social Work and Public Health Contact the Program Director for more information
    Social Work and Theology Sample

    We are excited to introduce new specialization areas, which will take effect in Fall 2018. Therefore, the class entering in Fall 2017 will have these specializations as options in the advanced curriculum. Details on the content of these areas are being developed and are expected to be available by early 2017. The areas of specialization include:

    Children, Youth, and Family

    Health and Behavioral Health
    Leadership in Groups, Organizations, and Communities
    Trauma and Violence

    The following certificates and specializations are only applicable to students who entered in Fall 2015:

    Family Therapy Full time
    Advanced Standing
    Human Services Management Full time
    Advanced Standing
    Trauma Requirements
    Full time
    Louis Lowy Certificate in Gerontological Social Work Description
    Group Work Specialization Description