Off-Campus Program & Part-Time Boston

Part-time study available in Boston and at three locations in Massachusetts

Whether you’re considering part-time study in Boston or in one of our three other Massachusetts locations, we offer our MSW degree on a part-time basis as a more flexible alternative for working professionals.

Visit the BU Bulletin for more detailed information on courses and requirements.

With over thirty years of off-campus teaching experience using the cohort model of graduate education, our Off-Campus Program brings the BU School of Social Work curriculum to students in three Massachusetts sites through a part-time, weekend-based option. Your entire degree is completed at the off-campus site.

Our current Off-Campus Program sites are:

  • Bedford (Merrimack Valley)
  • Fall River
  • Cape Cod (Barnstable)

Program Structure

There are three options to complete the MSW degree in the Off-Campus Program, depending on your educational background:

  • Traditional Program Plan: 65 credits including 2 field internships. Students enroll in 8 consecutive semesters and complete the program within 3 years
  • Human Service Experience Track (HSE): 65 credits including 1 field internship. Students enroll in 8 consecutive semesters and complete the program within 3 years
  • Advanced Standing Program: 40-43 credits including 1 field internship. Students enroll in 6 consecutive semesters and complete the program within 2 years (available at the Bedford and Fall River locations)

All Off-Campus Program students major in Clinical Social Work Practice. Our Off-Campus Program offers a rich network of field placement sites, providing practical experience in locations close to the students’ communities.

The first year in the program focuses on foundation theory courses. During the second year, students enroll in foundation methods courses and complete the foundation internship. In the third year, students enroll in the advanced curriculum courses and complete the advanced field internship. Although classes are held on weekends, field placements occur during the week in students’ own communities.

Classes are completed in four weeks and are held on Friday nights (6–9 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (9 a.m.–1 p.m.). Students take all classes as a cohort throughout their time in the program and complete the entire program at the campus location site.

Part-time students on our Charles River Campus (Boston) fulfill the degree requirements in either three years (with summers) or four years (without summers). Students take two to three courses per semester.

The first year of study consists of academic coursework only. (Most foundation courses offer a class section scheduled in the evening time blocks). In subsequent years, two field placements are required in conjunction with the academic course curriculum. During fall and spring semesters, students must have time available during the regular workweek for both coursework and a field internship. Students must be available (during regular weekday hours) for 16 hours a week for their first field placement and 24 hours a week for their second placement. For their second placement, students may choose the option in some field settings of a 16-hour/week placement for a full year.

If there is sufficient interest (this fluctuates from year to year), our part-time students who have had previous social work experience and for whom the plan is considered educationally sound, may meet the requirements of the first field experience in a summer block placement after their first year.