Social Work and Theology

The MSW/MTS (Master of Social Work/Master in Theological Studies) and MSW/MDiv (Master in Divinity) degrees were inaugurated in 1980 to support social work students who wish to add a faith dimension to their advanced social work education.

The MSW/MTS dual degree is typically completed over three and a half years including some summer coursework. The primary theological focus is on the history, philosophy, polity, and ethics of Christian faith and practice. This joint degree adds historical, philosophical, and spiritual dimensions to clinical and macro social work assessment, planning, and practice. The MTS degree is an educational and spiritual enrichment, rather than a professional degree.

The basic MSW degree requirements apply to students enrolled in this dual-degree program. Each School of Socia Work (SSW) student selects either a Clinical or Macro social work practice major after completing all required Foundation courses. Students then complete all other requirements for their major. In the third and fourth semesters at SSW, approved elective course credit exchanges between the dual degree programs are possible. MSW degree requirements remain the same for all School of Theology (STH) degree options.

The STH degree requirements vary and should be obtained from the STH catalogue and the STH admissions office. For MDiv students with practicum requirements at both Schools, the Field Education Departments of both Schools make every effort to find practicum sites permitting both social work and theology-related practice and supervision. In this way, credit toward each degree’s practice education requirements might be earned simultaneously, depending on availability of sites.

For information on how to apply, please visit our Dual Degree Applications page.

For further information, please feel free to contact:

Mary Collins, A.M., PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor and Chair, Social Welfare Policy Department
Director, Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Theology