MSW/MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and financial aid are handled individually by each School. Students pay tuition and may receive financial assistance at the School in which they are “in residence.” Generally, students spend four semesters in residence at SSW and two in residence at SPH. Regardless of residency, students may cross-register for courses at the other school. Part time students pay the rates at the respective schools.

An application for financial assistance is included in the School of Social Work’s online application for admission. SSW applicants should indicate their intent to apply for the FAFSA (by March 1) and their interest in being considered for merit scholarships and/or work study. The priority deadline for applicants interested in being considered for merit scholarships at SSW is January 15. We cannot guarantee that merit scholarships will be available to applicants who apply after that date. However, federal financial aid will remain an option for those who apply by March 1. For more information about SSW admission deadlines, please visit the admission website.

It is essential for students to plan carefully and to be wise in borrowing to fund the program. Many students will enroll part time in the final years, working full time at Boston University, to receive tuition remission benefits. Other students locate graduate assistanceships that come with tuition benefits. Each step of the way, students should work carefully with the Program Director to minimize costs and to be aware of the options.