A Word on Advising to all Continuing Students:

Let’s face it: everyone is busy and time is very tight! Because scheduling is so difficult, group advising sessions are held regularly and announced well-ahead of time.

Group advising: Group advising sessions are scheduled around important times in the academic year, such as the beginning of the semester and during the weeks before registration. Your attendance at these meetings is strongly encouraged. Please be advised that individual advising time with the Program Director is very limited at certain points in the semester, so your cooperation in using these group advising sessions is very important.Individual program advising meetings with the Program Director will be offered, but you are strongly advised to first attend one of the group sessions in order to have general questions answered. The answer to many of your basic questions-“Which course should I take for my Category A again?”-are in the Program Guidelines.

Individual advising with the Program Director: Please use individual advising sessions to consult on your specific academic considerations, for career planning, or to troubleshoot bureaucratic issues. To prepare for an advising meeting, bring a copy of your transcript summary, any courses you are considering, and the requirements for your concentration and major with you. Do not assume the adviser has all of this information! Appointments are for a half hour, so please write you questions in advance and come prepared. Please DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to consult the Program Director on which classes to take. Plan ahead!

Advising clarifications: Every student in the MSW/MPH Program will have several advisers. At SSW, you will have a “Faculty Adviser,” the person who makes the field visits to your internship site and advises on general issues related to your social work education. You will have Program Director Betty Ruth as your Program Adviser. And you will be assigned a “Faculty Adviser” at SPH, as soon as you are admitted. It is your responsibility to keep all advisers apprised of your activities and concerns. If, at any point, there is conflicting information or uncertainty, contact Betty for consultation. She will clarify program issues and sort through credit concerns, in concert with both schools’ registrars. It is very important that you meet with her once a semester.

Advising at SPH: Each student is assigned an adviser based on their concentration. If you do not know who your adviser is, or would like to change your adviser, please be in touch with the program assistant for your individual department. Leonard Glantz, Professor of Health Law, is the MSW/MPH Liaison for SPH and has advised MSW/MPH students for over 20 years.