Helpful Hints for Current MSW/MPH Students

These “helpful hints” were prepared by Jamie Wyatt, MSW/MPH alumna, and former program assistant. They will be updated periodically by students to keep you abreast of what other students have found helpful!

The BUS (Boston University Shuttle)

Transportation between the BU Medical Campus and the Charles River Campus has been greatly improved with the addition of the free shuttle that runs between the two campuses. There are a number of stops on Commonwealth Avenue and one near the Symphony T stop.

Orientation at the School of Public Health (SPH)

For students beginning their studies at SPH, orientation is usually held approximately 2 days before the start date of classes. Please be aware that Charles River and the Medical Campus do NOT run on the same academic calendar. Typically classes at the Medical Campus begin earlier, so PLAN AHEAD. Orientation at SPH is a good way to have a free tour, learn where the library is and benefits you can receive (such as $50 worth of free copy cards twice a year, etc.). Orientation for the 2007-2008 school year has not yet been scheduled. Visit the SPH website for further information on start dates and activities.


SPH has recently begun to use online registration, although this can be somewhat difficult for dual degree students. PLEASE CONTACT the SPH Registrar, Chris Paal (, to verify that MSW/MPH students in the 2006-2007 year can register via studentlink; it is possible that paper registration may be required. Chris is very accessible and incredibly helpful. Any SPH specific registration question should be addressed to her. For program planning questions, please contact Betty Ruth as well as your advisor within your concentration at the SPH.

Advising at SPH

Speaking of advisors, please know that YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE! There should be a faculty advisor assigned to you once you are enrolled in a concentration at SPH. PLEASE be in touch with this person, meet with them, and let them know of your future plans. They can be a h2 liaison for you, even if they may not exactly “understand” the details of the MSW/MPH program. If you do not know who your advisor is, please contact your specific concentration at SPH and they can assist you. For detailed MSW/MPH program-specific questions, it is appropriate to e-mail questions or meet with the program director at SSW.

Connecting with Others

There are over 240 alumni of the MSW/MPH program and approximately 40 current students enrolled in the program. There are moments when you might feel alone-but be assured there are lots of us out there! Feel free to take advantage of study groups, plan to take classes together, and meet for fun activities as well throughout the year. Part of the purpose behind having periodic advising group check-ins is to allow students to network and get to know one another. Use each other as resources! All current students’ contact information is collected and if you would like the names of other people in the program, please contact the Program Director . Or better yet, come to the advising sessions!

Bulletin Board and Website

Take advantage of the postings outside of Betty Ruth’s office (SSW 210). There are inotices and recent articles. Check the web site for job listings and make sure Betty has your email so you can receive regular e-updates.

Good People to Know

Here are a few names and e-mail addresses that may come in handy. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with them-they are here to be a support to us as students. Best wishes for the coming year!

Based at SSW

Based at SPH