Human Services Management Certificate Program

All social workers require basic administrative and management knowledge and skills, regardless of their primary work responsibilities. Macro practitioners, in particular, must be skilled in proposal writing, budgeting, supervision, evaluation research, program development, and financial management and planning.

For those who wish to concentrate on a career in management, the School offers a Human Services Management Certificate Program. This intensive program prepares students for management positions in nonprofit or public agencies and entrepreneurial roles supplying and serving human service markets. The program focuses on the competencies required to effectively manage in the complex and dynamic environment that characterize today’s human service sector.

The program prepares advocate managers-leaders committed to social action, progressive social change, and institutional reform. As competent and tenacious as their counterparts in the business world, advocate managers are social work leaders first and managers second. With a primary focus on the needs and interests of the client, the advocate manager is prepared to make difficult trade-offs when responding to management imperatives of efficiency, effectiveness, and equity.

The program seeks to be especially responsive to women and other minority groups who are preparing for management roles. Through classroom discussion, field education, and special colloquia, students examine the institutional barriers faced and the strengths brought by members of minority groups.

To apply for this program, students must be macro majors, have a grade point average of 3.0 or above, and a minimum of two years paid or unpaid work experience. Applications are accepted during the second semester of the first year from full-time students or of the second year for part-time students, and immediately following acceptance from advanced standing students. To be awarded the certificate, students will successfully complete the basic course requirements of a macro major, courses in financial management and strategic management at SSW, two elective courses at the Graduate School of Management, and a second-year field placement with a management concentration.

    For further information, please contact:

    Julie Sweeney Springwater, Director of Human Services Management Certificate Program
    Phone: 617-353-3811