Group Work Specialization

The Boston University School of Social Work is one of the few graduate schools in the country that offers a group work specialization. Group work skills have become increasingly necessary for working in agencies, programs, and organizations. Although situated in the clinical sequence, group work is considered a bridge between the individual and the larger society.

The specialization is available in the second year for students who are clinical or macro majors. Advanced standing students with undergraduate group work course and field experience may apply. The specialization offers students the opportunity to concentrate on small group theories and methods and to develop skills and competence in real-life groups.


  • CP 759  Introduction to Social Work Practice (3 cr) (REQUIRED)
  • CP 771  Clinical Social Work with Groups (2 cr) (REQUIRED)
  • CP 762  Advanced Group Work (Fall) (3 cr) (REQUIRED)
  • CP 764  Seminar in Group Dynamics & Modalities (Spring) (3 cr) (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)


Students must have significant, supervised practice in leading, coleading, and developing groups either during their two years of field placement or in other employment. An advanced year field placement that includes group facilitation experience is required. A wide variety of group experiences are acceptable, including clinical and task-centered groups, short-term and long-term groups, and open-ended and closed-ended groups.

During the fall of the advanced year, students make application to the Group Work Specialization Program. Upon approval and upon completion of the academic and field requirements, students receive a Group Work Specialization Certificate at Commencement. Information sessions are held each year late in the Fall Semester and early in the Spring Semester for students who are interested in the program.

For further information, please contact:

Donna McLaughlin, MSW
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Group Work Specialization