Students Talk About their Field Experience

“Working in a cancer treatment setting was a challenge that I wanted to take on in order to explore this career path, and my internship experience has been integral in pushing me beyond the safe bounds of the classroom environment to learn the ‘how’ of putting theory into practice. It’s been exhausting and a little terrifying, but I’ve had amazing support from my supervisors and cannot imagine any other way that I could’ve learned so much in so little time.”

Angelee Russ (SSW ’13, SPH ’14)
Dana Farber Cancer Institute

“My field placement has been an incredible avenue for me to learn and practice. Under the guidance of two brilliant supervisors, I have had the opportunity to grow both as an individual and as a future social worker.”

Jorge Membreño (SSW ’14)

“Working at a start-up organization that is constantly changing and redesigning a model of service delivery is both exciting and exhilarating! In a small agency, where your input is asked for and needed, I have been able to use my strengths to help develop new programs and assist in the creation of a new organization. This has allowed me to realize my true passion in social work, community organizing and program planning. The connections I have been able to make over the past few months—both within the agency and within the community—are indispensable as I move forward in my career.”

Kristina Pires (SSW ’14)
Higher Ground of Boston

“My field education experience has completely exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would learn in the field. It has enriched and cultivated my clinical skills as well as my knowledge of social justice. I was fortunate to have both my placements in the same community, which has highlighted the numerous strengths of the community through various lenses. Field education has definitely shaped my identity as a social worker and my appreciation of the work we do with communities.”

Janine Martinez-Salazar (SSW ’13)
Martha Eliot Health Center at Boston Children’s Hospital

“I feel that both of my internships have provided me with quality training and supervision in a safe and supportive environment. I was given the flexibility to develop my clinical skills in an independent manner and as part of a team. My internships have given me the confidence and skills necessary to enter the workforce as a competent clinical social worker.”

Keri Jansen (SSW ’13)
Plymouth DCF and Emergency Services Plymouth, Child and Family Services

“My field placement experiences were fantastic! I had specific criteria that I wanted for both my first- and second-year placements, and the BUSSW off-campus system for assisting students to define their desires/wants for placements is what helped me get the positions I wanted.


Another major aspect of the field placement process that I appreciate is the tiered learning process, as the first-year placement prepared me for the second year of internship. Both years, I felt challenged and stretched, at times wondering how I was going to learn it all, and yet, as with any new learning process, one skill built on another. Now, approaching graduation, I am optimistic about taking a job as a clinical social worker, confident that I have been prepared for what is to come.”

Nancy W. Smith (SSW ’13)
Cape Cod cohort
First year—Mashpee High School
Second year—Cape Cod Human Services