Meet the Off-Campus Programs Advisors

Students are assigned to an advisor who serves as both their academic advisor and as the liaison between the School and the field placement agency. Advisors are available for consultation, problem-solving, mediation, and advocacy on a range of learning issues and needs. Students keep the same advisor throughout their time in the Program.


Bedford Campus Advisors

Terese Romano, Director e-mail
Beth Flanzbaum e-mail/bio
Judy Jepson-Hebert e-mail/bio
Lynn Kegley e-mail/bio
Ellen Kruger e-mail/bio
Laura Reis e-mail/bio
Ann Sapira e-mail/bio


Fall River Campus Advisors

Sonia Mee, Director e-mail/bio
Karen Blanchette e-mail/bio
Kathy Cooney e-mail/bio
Amy Curell e-mail/bio
Pat McCarthy e-mail/bio
James Tooley e-mail/bio
Kelly Zucco e-mail/bio


Cape Cod Campus Advisors

Deb Berglin, Director e-mail/bio
Arthur Bence e-mail/bio
Bill Dawber e-mail/bio
Deb Shell e-mail/bio