Part-Time Faculty

April Allen

Guy Apollon

Kathryn Audette

Dennis Balcom, MSW, Clinical Practice

Antoinette Basualdo-Delmonico, MSW, PhD, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

DelmonicoAntoinette Basualdo-Delmonico MS, PhD, is an alumna of the interdisciplinary doctorate program in social work and sociology at BUSSW. She has been a lecturer in the School of Social Work at Boston University for several years, teaching foundational courses including Human Behavior in the Social Environment and the introductory macro course: “Community and Organizations”. She is involved in youth mentoring research and currently conducting a multi-state mentoring program study. Her research focuses on understanding the role that parents play in the youth mentoring relationship. She has experience working with adolescents and families in schools and community-based organizations.

Deanne Bonnar, PhD, MSW, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Steven Cadwell, PhD, MSW, Clinical Practice

CadwellSteve Cadwell, LICSW, PhD, received his PhD in clinical Social Work from Smith College. Steve has been in private practice in Boston for over 30 years. He specializes in individual and group therapy.  He has written and taught on countertransference, HIV, care-for-caregiver, shame, gender, sexuality and group therapy. He has taught at BUSSW, Harvard Medical School, Simmons and Smith College. He has just published a book of poems:  poeMEMoir, a companion book to his multimedia performance piece, “Wild and Precious.” His fiber art is shown at PIKNIK Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard.

Deborah Chassler, MSW

Deborah Chassler head shot 12 2011 (2)Deborah Chassler, MSW, received her MSW from Boston University School of Social Work in 1990. She has been working in social work research as a senior academic researcher at BUSSW since 1993. As Associate Director of the Center for Addictions Research and Services at the School, she is responsible for the implementation of federally funded evaluation projects, privately funded research projects, development and management of data collection activities including training materials, data analysis, and supervision of graduate students. She has worked with several BUSSW professors developing data analyses which have resulted in fifteen peer-reviewed journal articles covering a range of subjects including substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention. Before joining the Center, she was responsible for the implementation of several large scale projects funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Institute of Aging. Her current research interests include survey research methods with difficult-to-reach populations and health services utilization among drug users. In addition to research, Ms. Chassler teaches graduate level social work courses at BUSSW including “Social Research Methods” and “Racial Justice and Cultural Oppression”.

Alice Cohen, MSW, Clinical Practice, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Rick Cresta, MSW, Clinical Practice, Ethics and the Social Work Profession

CrestaRick Cresta, LICSW, MPH, received his MSW from Boston University in 1993 and his MPH in 1994. He has over 20 years experience working with adolescents. His areas of interest are substance abuse, trauma and violence prevention. In addition to his clinical work he offers trainings on several topics related to adolescents. He has been a part-time faculty member since 2005.

Marilyn Downs, PhD, MSW, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Elizabeth Douglas (Klevitsky)

Gary Eager, MSW, Clinical Practice, Ethics and the Social Work Profession

Reeve Goldhaber

Amy Griffin, MSW

amy-griffin2Amy Griffin, MSW, is currently a PhD Candidate at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. She received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation research focuses on dually involved youth in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. She is working closely with the Commonwealth on this research topic. She has experience teaching social welfare policy at various Universities.

Anne Fine, MSW, Clinical Practice

Fine-AAnne Fine, LICSW, received her MSW from Smith College. Currently she maintains a private practice and provides consultation services and training in the area of trauma. As of 2013, she has taught classes at BUSSW in the Clinical Practice sequence. Her primary clinical interest is in trauma, particularly sexual and physical abuse, neglect, and attachment-related trauma. From 2004 until 2013, Ms. Fine worked at a community mental health agency in Worcester, MA, where she directed the outpatient trauma services, the group therapy program and the juvenile sexual issues program.

Beth Flanzbaum, MSW, Clinical Practice

Kathleen Flinton, MSW, Clinical Practice

Kathleen Flinton, LICSW, is a Clinical  Social Worker at the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights at Boston Medical Center where she provides therapy to survivors of torture, war and human rights abuses. She holds an MSW from Simmons School Of Social Work and an MA from Yale Divinity School. Kathleen has postgraduate training in EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and maternal mental health. She teaches Clinical Practice with Adult Trauma.

Lisa Goldblatt Grace, MSW, MPH, Ethics and the Social Work Profession

Sera Godfrey Grantz, MSW, Clinical Practice

Kevin Hepner

Hepner-KevinKevin Hepner became President & CEO of USES in January 2008, after serving as the Vice President at Judge Baker Children’s Center in Boston, for more than five years. Kevin has been an instructor at Boston University’s School of Social Work since 2003 where he teaches Financial Management for Human Service Organizations. He also taught at Boston University’s School of Management for three years and continues to mentor students at the BU Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership. He currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for the South End Community Health Center and the Massachusetts Bay Self-Insurance Group and is active in many other local and national nonprofits. Kevin received his BSBA in Accounting from Shippensburg University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Heath Hightower, MSW, Clinical Practice

Heath Head ShotHeath Hightower, ACSW, QCSW, DCSW, is a clinical social worker who teaches a variety of clinical practice and human behavior and the social environment courses.  For the last 15 years, he has specialized in addressing the bio-psycho-social concerns of LGBTQI populations. Heath has presented and co-presented at a variety of local, national and international conferences including the True Colors Conference, the World Grief Conference, and the Boston University School of Social Work Professional Education Program.

Myra Hindus, MSW

Hindus-MyraMyra Hindus, MSW, has worked extensively on diversity and on gender issues for her entire career, primarily in higher education and other nonprofit settings. She has served as both a consultant and an administrator in institutions ranging from Harvard University and Princeton University to the University of Massachusetts and the University of Connecticut. From 2006-2010 she served as the first Vice President for Cultural Diversity at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  She is currently the Principal at Creative Diversity Solutions and consults primarily with universities and non-profits.  Some of her clients since 2011 have included: Tufts University, University of Vermont, University of Denver, Framingham State University and Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Foundation.

Hindus is currently an adjunct faculty member at Boston University’s School of Social Work. Her expertise is in diversity assessment, conflict resolution, strategic planning and gender issues.  She has consulted with numerous colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, state task forces, private hospitals, employers and community groups including: Brown University, Mt. Holyoke College, Smith College, Amherst College, University of Hartford, American International College, Rhode Island Task Force on Sexual Assault, Rhode Island and University of Massachusetts Labor Education Institutes, and many community organizations.

Jessica Johnson

Kathleen Kalill, PhD, Social Research

Bronwyn Keefe, MSW, MPH, Social Welfare Policy

Sook Hyun Kim, PhD, Social Research

Ivy Krull, PhD, Social Research

Faith Little, MSW, Social Research, Social Welfare Policy

Erin McAleer, MSW, Social Welfare Policy

Lorna Mckenzie-Pollock

Celina Miranda, MSW, Macro Practice

Claudia Miranda-Julian

Norah Mulvaney-Day

Michelle Novelle, MSW, Social Research

Marilee Ogren, PhD, Human Behavior in the Social Environment


Joseph Pereira, MSW, Clinical Practice

Judith Perlstein, MSW, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

J-PerlsteinJudith Perlstein, MSW, began teaching at the School of Social Work in 1986 as an adjunct assistant professor while working full-time in community mental health as a practitioner, supervisor and administrator. In 1993, she joined the Field Education Department, where she is currently the associate director. She teaches the Integrative Field Seminar and the Seminar for New Field Instructors, as well as the foundation courses in human behavior in the social environment. Her areas of interest are in mental health, substance abuse and family therapy. Ms. Perlstein received her MSW from Smith College School for Social Work in 1974.

Suzanne Plasse, MSW, Clinical Practice

Deborah Putnam, MSW, MPH, Macro Practice, Ethics and the Social Work Profession

PutnamFINALDeb Putnam joined the BU SSW administrative team in 2010 first in the Field Education Department to coordinate field education for macro social work students and more recently as Part Time Faculty Coordinator, where she provides overall support to and coordination of part-time faculty across the school’s campuses. She also teaches the introductory macro course and a macro-focused social work ethics course. Prior to her appointment at BU, Putnam was director of program development at hopeFound (now Pine Street Inn) for 10 years. She has many years of experience working in the field of community health in the areas of homelessness, adolescent health, domestic violence, HIV and behavioral health. Putnam has a MSW and MPH from Boston University.

Serena Rajabiun, Research

Serena Rajabiun, MA, MPH, teaches in the Research Department and is a Senior Evaluator at the Health & Disability Working Group at the Boston University School of Public Health. Serena has over fifteen years of international and domestic public health experience in the areas of maternal child health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS. Serena’s current research and work focus on community-based approaches to improving access to and use of health care services and treatment for adults and youth living with HIV. She holds master’s degrees from John Hopkins University’s School for Advanced International Studies and the School of Public Health.

Mojdeh Rohani

Rohani-MMojdeh Rohani, LICSW, is the Associate Clinical Director at Community Legal Services and Counseling Center. She has worked extensively with survivors of torture, war trauma, gender based violence, and human trafficking since 2000. Rohani received her MSW from Boston University and earned a B.A. in Psychology through the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education in Iran. She co-authored a book in 2004 on social work theory and practice with refugee and immigrant youth in the United States. She is the Co-Director of the Building Refugee and Immigrant Degrees for Graduate Education (BRIDGE) Program at BUSSW. Ms. Rohani has presented nationally and internationally on topics related to refugee mental health, treatment of torture, U.S. immigration policies and human rights. Prior to coming to the United States, Rohani worked as a music therapist and a music teacher.

Maria Cecelia Saino

Rosalie Schofield, PhD, MSW, Social Welfare Policy

Sheila Schwartz, JD, MSW, Social Welfare Policy

Becky Bell Scott, MSW, Clinical Practice

Lauren Shebairo, MSW, MPH, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Leah Hart Tennen, MSW, MPH, Clinical Practice

Jacquelyn Turpin

Patty Underwood, MSW, MPH, Clinical Practice

Esther Velásquez, MSW, MPH, Social Research

Esther VelasquezEsther Velásquez is a graduate of the Boston University School of Social Work and School of Public Health. Currently, she works as a research fellow for the Division of Aging at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is a doctoral student at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her area of expertise is health disparities research within the field of social epidemiology. On the Charles River Campus, Velásquez teaches the Research II course, a course which introduces social work students to quantitative analyses using secondary data.

Michelle Walsh, M.Div, MSW, Human Behavior in the Social Environment

michelle walsh

Trudy Zimmerman, EdM, MSSS, Ethics and the Social Work Profession

Trudy-Z 2Trudy Zimmerman, EdM, MSSS, has worked at the School of Social Work since 1980 and has been full-time in the Field Education Department since 1984. She became director of the department in 1987, and assistant dean in 1997. In addition to providing educational and administrative leadership in field education, Zimmerman teaches Introduction to Clinical Practice, Ethics and the Social Work Profession, and the Integrative Field Seminar. In addition, she teaches the Seminar for New Field Instructors and workshops in the Postgraduate Certificate Program in Supervision.

Sharyn Zunz, PhD, MSW

ZunzSharyn J. Zunz, PhD, MSW, is an Associate Professor Emerita at UNH and an Adjunct Instructor for BU SSW.  Before receiving her PhD from Fordham University, she worked in the child welfare field in NYC as a case manager, supervisor and program director. She received her MSW from NYU. Her research interests have been in child and family resiliency promotion and staff burnout prevention.  Dr. Zunz is involved in legislative child advocacy and is a member of the mental health support group for a national disaster response network. She teaches social policy, supervision, and non-profit management classes.