Jordana Muroff

MuroffAssociate Professor, Clinical Practice
Phone: 617-358-4661


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BA (psychology), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
MSW (interpersonal practice and mental health), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
PhD (social work and psychology), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, HSR&D Center of Excellence, University of Michigan, Center for Behavioral and Decision Sciences in Medicine

Courses Taught

CP 781    Clinical Social Work Assessment and Intervention
CP 795    Cognitive and Behavioral Treatment
CP 770    Clinical Practice with Individuals
SR 904   Quantitative Clinical Research Methods

Scholarly and Practice Interests

Clinical judgment, mental health assessment and intervention; cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders; culturally competent and empirically supported intervention methods; clinical decision-making and mental health services research; cultural, racial/ethnic, and gender influences on mental health.

*Denotes student participation in project

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*Denotes student participation in project

Muroff, J. (2013, November). Effectiveness of group CBT for hoarding in a community mental health setting. Paper presented at the 47th Annual Convention for the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Nashville, TN.

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Smartphone Technology to Reduce Relapse Among Latinos with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders, Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), (PI: Muroff; 2013-2016)

The Role of Coaching in Treating Compulsive Hoarding, Grants for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarship (GUTS), Boston University (PI: Muroff; 2009-2010)

Suicide Education Enhancement Project (S.E.E.P), Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Suicide Prevention (PI:Ruth; Co-PI:Muroff; 2007-2009)

Delivery of Internet Treatment for Compulsive Hoarding (D.I.T.C.H.). Obsessive Compulsive Foundation (PI: Muroff, 2007-2008)

Group Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Compulsive Hoarding. Boston University School of Social Work, Dean’s Award (2007-2008)

Building Resilient Immigrant Families: Fortaleciendo a Familias Immigrantes. Faculty Development Grant, Adelphi University, in collaboration with Beverly Araujo, Ph.D (2006-2007)

Recipient, Beck Institute Scholarship Competition, 2010

NIH Summer Institute on Design and Development of Quantitative Research on Social Work Interventions in Health, 2006

Ph.D. Dissertation Minority Health Statistics Grant Program Award, 2004

Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2003

Spot (clinical service) Award, Department of Social Work, University of Michigan Health System, 2003

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (L.I.C.S.W.), Commonwealth of Massachusetts