Astraea Augsberger

ssw-16(2)Assistant Professor, Clinical Practice
Phone: 617-358-0781

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BS (human development and family relations), University of Connecticut
MSSW (advanced generalist practice and programing), Columbia University
PhD (advanced clinical practice), Columbia University

Courses Taught

CP 759 Introduction to Clinical Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups
CP 770 Clinical Practice with Individuals

Scholarly and Practice Interests

Youth engagement in policy, programs and practice; Transition to adulthood for vulnerable youth; Child welfare workforce development

Selected Publications

*Denotes student participation

Augsberger, A., Collins, M. E., & *Gecker, W.A. (Under Review). Understanding youth councils as a mechanism of social justice: Origin, Structure and Activities.

Augsberger, A., Lens, V. & *Hughes, A. (Under Review). Empowering youth to participate in child welfare proceedings: Re-conceptualizing the role of the attorney.

Augsberger, A., Hahm, H.C., Yeung, A. &* Dougher, M. (Under Review). Suffering alone: Barriers to help seeking and mental health service utilization among young Asian American women with a history of depression, suicide ideation and suicide attempts.

Augsberger, A., *Swenson, E. (In press). “My worker was there when it really mattered” Foster care youths’ perceptions and experiences of their relationships with child welfare workers. Families in Society.

Hahm, H.C., Augsberger, A., Feranil, M., Jang, J., *Tagerman, M.D. (In press). The associations between forced sex and severe mental health, substance use, and HIV risk   behaviors among Asian-American women. Violence Against Women.

Augsberger, A., Hahm, H.C., Yeung, A., & *Dougher, M. (2015). Barriers to substance use and mental health utilization among Asian-American women: exploring the conflict between emotional distress and cultural stigma. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice 10(Suppl 1):A2  doi:10.1186/1940-0640-10-S1-A2

Auerbach, C., Zeitlin, W., Augsberger, A., McGowan, B.G., Claiborne, N., & Lawrence, C.K. (2015) Societal Factors Impacting Child Welfare: Validating the Perceptions of Child Welfare Scale. Research on Social Work Practice. 25(3), 305-312. doi:       10.1177/1049731514530001

Augsberger, A. (2014). Strategies for engaging foster care youth in permanency planning family team conferences. Children and Youth Services Review. 43, 51-57.  doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2014.04.015

Augsberger, A. & McGowan, B.G. (2014). Children in Foster Care. In Gitterman, A. (Ed.), Handbook of Social Work Practice With Vulnerable and Resilient Populations, Third Edition. Columbia University Press.

Schudrich, W., Augsberger, A., Auerbach, C. & McGowan, B.G. (2014). A mixed-methods study of the impact of organizational culture on workforce retention in child welfare.  Children and Youth Services Review.38, 36-43. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2014.01.004

Lens, V., Augsberger, A., Hughes, A., & Wu, T. (2013). Choreographing Justice: Administrative Law Judges and the Management of Welfare Disputes. Journal of Law and Society. 40, 199-227.

Augsberger, A., Schudrich, W., Auerbach, C & McGowan, B.G. (2012). Respect in the workplace: A mixed methods study of retention and turnover in the voluntary child welfare sector. Children and Youth Services Review, 34, 1222-1229.

MacKenzie, M.J., Kotch, J.B., Lee, L.C., Augsberger, A. & Hutto, N (2011). The cumulative ecological transactional risk model of child maltreatment and behavioral outcomes: Reconceptualizing early maltreatment as a risk factor. Children and Youth Services Review, 33, 2392-2398.

Auerbach, C., McGowan, B.G., Augsberger, A., Strolin-Goltzman, J. & Schudrich, W. (2010). Differential factors influencing public and voluntary child welfare workers intention to leave. Children and Youth Services Review, 32, 1396-1402.

McGowan, B.G., Auerbach, C., Conroy, K., Augsberger, A. & Schudrich, W. (2010). Workforce retention issues in voluntary child welfare. Child Welfare, 89 (6), 83-103.

Selected Presentations

Augsberger, A., Hahm, H.C., Dougher, M. (2015) Suffering alone: Understanding barriers to     healthcare utilization amongst Asian-American women. Paper presented at the 19th Annual Society for Social Work and Research Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Collins, M., Augsberger, A., Gecker, W.A., (2015). Engaging Young People in Policy Practice:  The Potential Role of Youth Councils. Paper presented at the Policy Conference 2.0, Social Work as Action: Confronting Injustice. Austin, TX.

Augsberger, A. (2014). Foster care youths’ attitudes and perceptions of their relationships with agency staff. Accepted paper session at the Council on Social Work Education 59th Annual Planning Meeting. Tampa, Fl.

Augsberger, A., Hahm, H.C., Yeung, A. & Dougher, M. (2014). Barriers to Substance Use and  Mental Health Utilization Among Asian-American Women: Exploring the Conflict Between Emotional Distress and Cultural Stigma. Paper session presented at the  Addictions Health Services Conference. Boston, MA.

Collins, M. & Augsberger, A. (2014). Cultural Considerations for Youth Leaving Care. Paper session at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social   Development. Melbourne, Australia.

Augsberger, A. (2014). Strategies for engaging foster care youth in permanency planning  family team conferences. Paper session presented at the Society for Social Work and   Research 18th Annual  Conference. San Antonio, TX.

Auerbach, C., Schudrich, W.Z., Augsberger, A., McGowan, B., Claiborne, N., & Lawrence, C.K. (2014). Validating the Perceptions of Child Welfare Scale. Poster session  presented at the Society for Social Work and Research 18th Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX.

Augsberger, A. (2013). “Nothing about me without me”: Youth participation in child welfare decision making.” Paper session presented at the Council on Social Work Education 59th Annual Planning Meeting. Dallas, TX.

Augsberger, A. & Schudrich, W. (2012). A mixed methods study of perceived respect in the child welfare workforce. Paper session presented at the Council on Social Work Education 58th Annual Planning Meeting. Washington, D.C.

Selected Grant Activity

PI: Augsberger, A.(2014-present). The social justice function of youth councils. Boston University.
Boston University, Initiative on Cities, Seed Grant.

PI: Augsberger, A. (2010-2013). Youth participation in child welfare decision-making: A focused ethnography. 1) Fahs Beck Fund, New York Community Trust, Doctoral Dissertation Grant. 2) New York Foundling Vincent Fontana Center, Doctoral Dissertation Grant.

Consulting and Professional Activities

Member, Council of Social Work Education (CSWE)

Member, National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

Member, Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR)

Faculty Advisory Board Member, Boston University Initiative on Cities

Mental Health Consultant, International House, New York, NY

Consulting Editor, Families in Society

Peer Reviewer, Children and Youth Services Review

Peer Reviewer, Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership, & Governance

Awards and Honors

Doctoral Representative, Columbia University School of Social Work Graduation Ceremony.  Awarded May 2013.
Student Representative, New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) Social Work Section. Awarded 2013.

Licensure and Certifications

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (# 074109), State of New York