Lee H. Staples

Clinical Professor
Macro Practice
Director, BRIDGE Program
Phone: 617-353-7917


BA (government), University of Massachusetts
MSW (social welfare), University of California at Los Angeles
PhD (sociology and social work), Boston University

Courses Taught

MP 759    Communities and Organizations: Analysis and Intervention
MP 781    Community Organizing
MP 794   Macro Field Seminar
MP 795   Applied Macro Skills: Groups and Systems

Scholarly Practice and Interests

Grassroots community organizing; consumer/community empowerment; leadership development; task oriented group work; international development; immigrant rights.

Selected Publications

Staples, L. & Gradener, J. (In press). The effectiveness of politicizing community organizing: Three examples and their working principles. Chapter nine in M. Ham (Ed.). Jaarboek TSS 2012: Wat Werkt. Utrecht, Netherlands.

Reynoso-Vallejo, H. & Staples, L. (In press). “Immigrant Workers Centers in Eastern Massachusetts, USA: Fostering Services, Support, Advocacy and Community Organizing.” Pedagogia Social Revista Interuniversitaria.

Staples, L. (2012). Selecting and cutting the issue. Chapter 11 in Minkler (Ed.), Community Organizing and Community Building for Health, 3rd edition (pp. 187-210). New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Staples, L. (2012). “Community Organizing for Social Justice: Grassroots Groups for Power.” Social Work with Groups, 35(3), 287-296.

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Reynoso, H., Miranda, C. & Staples, L. (2009). Social capital and community organizing among low-income immigrants in Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA. In X. Ucar (Ed.), Communitarian action perspectives and experiences in international contexts (pp. 149-172). Barcelona: Grao Editions.

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Boehm, A. & Staples, L.H. (2004). Empowerment: The point of view of consumers. Families in Society, 85(2), 270-280.

Selected Presentations

Staples, L. (2011). “Fostering Youth Civic Engagement and Empowering Local Nonprofits through Media Technology in Transitioning Communities.” ARNOVA 40th Annual Conference, Toronto, CA.

Greenawald, J. & Staples, L. (2010). “Using Social Capital to Achieve Goals in a Low-Income Immigrant Community.” Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, Portland, OR.

Reynoso, H. & Staples L. (2009). “Immigrant Workers Centers: Fostering Services, Support, Advocacy, and Community Organizing.” Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Reynoso, H. & Staples L. (2008). “Social Capital and Community Organizing among Low-Income Latino Immigrants.” Paper co-authored with Celina Miranda and presented at Council of Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

Burton, C. & Staples, L. (2007). “Journey to Justice: Analysis of an Immigrant Advocacy Coalition.” Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Staples, L. & Stein, R. (2006). “Anatomy of a Statewide Coalition: Dimensions of Organizational Development.” ARNOVA 35th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Burton, C. & Staples, L. (2006). “Immigration Policy and Social Work.” NASW Symposium 2006, Marlborough, MA.

Staples, L. (2005). Youth-led community organizing: Models and methods. Paper co-authored with Melvin Delgado and presented at ARNOVA 34th Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

Staples, L. (2004). NGOs: A growing force in Croatia. Paper co-authored with Milan Medic and David Shimkus and presented at ARNOVA 33rd Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Consulting and Professional Activities

Governance Board, Chelsea Collaborative

Governance Board, Haddis Girma Continuity Foundation

Consultant, Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition

Editorial Board, Pedagogia Social Revista Interuniversitaria

Director of BRIDGE Program (Building Refugee & Immigrant Degrees for Graduate Education), Boston University School of Social Work

Children’s Hospital Center for Refugee Trauma and Resiliency Steering Committee

Advisory Committee, University of Texas Arlington, Innovative Community and Academic Partnership Initiative

Workshop and consultation –Latino Immigrant Workers Committee, Chelsea, MA, August, 2011

Workshop and consultation – Somali Bantu Shanbaro Association, Chelsea, MA July, 2011

Ralph W. Tyler Distinguished Scholar Presentation & Workshop, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. July, 2011

Presentation – European Union- United States Symposium: Community and Social Development, University of Pittsburgh, May 2011

Workshop – University of the Middle East Exchange Program, Tisnet, Morocco, April 2011

Guest lecturer – Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 2011

Guest lecturer – Centre for Social Policy and Interventions Studies, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands, March 2011

Host and lecturer- Visiting delegation from Korean Association of Social Workers at BUSSW, January, 2011

Workshop – National Organizers Alliance, Roxbury, MA, December, 2010

Workshops – Neighbors United/Vecinos Unidos, Chelsea, MA July, 2010

Guest lecturer – Center for Civil Initiatives, Karlovac, Croatia. June, 2009

Awards and Honors

Career Achievement Award, ACOSA (Association for Community Organization and Social Administration). 2011

Beverly Ross Fliegel Award for Social Policy and Change (NASW), 2010

Leadership and Community Service Award, Chelsea Collaborative, 2005

Teaching Excellence Award, Boston University School of Social Work, 2002

Outstanding Contributions to the School of Social Work (BUSSW), 1994