CARS Publishes New Articles

in CARS, SSW News Releases
July 2nd, 2013

The Center for Addictions Research and Services (CARS) has published the following articles:

Trocchio, S. Chassler, D., Storbjörk, J., DeLucchi, K., Witbrodt, J., Lundgren, L. (In Press). The association between self-reported mental health status and alcohol and drug abstinence 5 years post-assessment for an addiction disorder in US and Swedish samples. Journal of Addictive Diseases.

Zerden, L., Lundgren, L., Chassler, D. Horowitz, A., Adorno, E., Purington, T. (In Press). Social and economic factors associated with recent and lifetime incarceration among Puerto Rican drug users. Journal of Ethnicity and Substance Use.

Wilkey, C., Lundgren, L., Amodeo, M. (In Press). Addiction training in social work schools: a nationwide analysis. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.

Krull, I., Lundgren, L., Beltrame, C. (In Press). Association between addiction treatment staff professional and educational levels and perceptions of organizational climate and resources. Substance Abuse.