Assistant Professors Daniel Miller and Sunny Shin Featured in BU Today

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December 3rd, 2012

BUSSW Assistant Professors Daniel Miller and Sunny Shin were recently highlighted in BU Today’s article, “Solving the Childhood Obesity Puzzle, One Piece at a Time,” regarding their research on childhood obesity. The article states that complex problems like this have no easy cause and no easy solution. Miller has dedicated his career to finding the answer to this scary trend. His long-term goal is to construct what he calls the “social ecology” of child obesity, putting the whole puzzle together and helping to influence policies that can change it.

Miller worked with Shin on whether physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect may lead to childhood obesity. Children who are maltreated in such a way are exposed to tremendous amounts of stress. But there still isn’t one clear answer. “It’s not that you’re making bad choices,” said Miller. “It’s just that your choices are constrained by an environment that doesn’t allow you to make good choices all the time.” To learn more about Miller and Shin’s childhood obesity studies, read the full article on BU Today.