BUSSW Recognizes Recent Faculty Accomplishments and Research

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November 6th, 2012

The Boston University School of Social Work recognizes the following professors’ recent accomplishments and research:

  • Professors Melvin Delgado and Lee Staples published a chapter titled, “Youth-Led Organizing, Community Engagement, and Opportunity Creation,” published in the Handbook of Community Practice (2nd Edition).
  • Associate Professors Hyeouk Hahm and Joseph Merighi were invited to participate in the Behavioral Health Disparities Curriculum Infusion Project, which was co-sponsored by the Council on Social Work Education and the National Association of Deans and Directors. The charge of this Project is to develop advanced practice competencies in behavioral health for graduate social work programs.  A 2-day working group was held on October 1-2 in Denver, CO.
  • Associate Professor Renée Spencer was recently invited to talk at a conference on vulnerable youth put together by the United Way in Calgary, Canada. Her presentation was titled, “Do No Harm: Ethical Considerations for Youth Mentoring Relationships.” Additionally, she will be a keynote speaker for the Australian Youth Mentoring Conference 2012 in mid-November, presenting her research on factors contributing to relationship failures and implications for programs. Following the conference in Australia, Spencer will present to a small group of representatives from their sister organization – the New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network, in Auckland, NZ. She is also one of the newest editorial board members for The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring. The Chronicle, hosted on the University of Massachusetts, Boston’s website for the Center for Evidence Based Mentoring, is a tool that highlights new research findings and ideas about youth mentoring and gives practitioners the opportunity to ask questions, as well as share their local community experiences.
  • Assistant Professor Nikki R. Wooten has a manuscript titled, “Gender differences in substance use treatment utilization in the year prior to deployment in Army service members,” that is under review by the Department of Defense, funded by NIDA. She also recently presented a poster at a NIDA Diversity Supplement Workshop, from October 4–5, 2012, at NIDA in Bethesda, MD. A companion paper on mental health treatment utilization is also in process.

Additional Published Works

Feldman, Gianino, McLaughlin, Muroff and Ruth. “You Can’t Recover From Suicide.” Perspectives on Suicide Education in MSW Programs. Journal of Social Work Education.

McLaughlin, D.M. & Godfrey-Grantz*, S. (2012). Mutual Inspiration: Growing and mentoring the next generation of group workers. Groupwork: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Working with Groups, 22 (1), 39-58, DOI: 10.1921/095182412X655282.

Wooten, N.R. (2012): Deployment Cycle Stressors and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Army National Guard Women: The Mediating Effect of Resilience, Social Work in Health Care, 51:9, 828-849.

Additional Presentations

A list of faculty, alumni and student presenters at the 2012 APHA Annual Meeting can be found here.

Associate Professors Hyeouk Hahm and Joseph Merighi were selected by the national working group, BHDCIP, to discuss the behavioral health disparities curriculum infusion for CSWE in Denver, CO. (October, 2012)

Hahm, H.C. (2012, October). Advance Practice Behaviors Meeting. Involvement in the Behavioral Health Disparities Curriculum Infusion Project (BHDCIP), Denver, CO.

Hahm, H.C., Jang, J., Ward, A., Driscoll, K. (2012, October).  Impact of Different Types of Substance Uses Among Asian-American Women: Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempt. Poster presentation at Boson University Undergraduate Research Symposium. Scheduled to be presented at the 140th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Lee, J., & Hahm, H.C. (2012, October). HIV risk, substance use, and suicidal behaviors among Asian American sexual minority women. Scheduled to be presented at the 140th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Shilling, S. & Hahm, H.C. (2012, October). Asian Women’s Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE). Poster presentation at Boson University Undergraduate Research Symposium.