Staff Information

Work Schedule

Work schedule will be posted on HelloScheduling! and you will receive an e-mail from SPS when a new week is posted.  You will be responsible for being at all shifts you are scheduled for unless you have made suitable arrangements to switch shifts.    It is your responsibility to make sure that you have posted an accurate class schedule and any conflicts on HelloScheduling.

Event Reports

Please fill out an event report after every event you work:

Staff Meetings

Once a month, there will be a staff meeting for all SPS staff.  This meeting will be noted on the weekly schedule and you will be paid for your time.  Attendance at these meeting is required.  Absences are only acceptable with permission from your supervisor.

Staff Contact List

Contact list is posted on HelloScheduling!

Time Entry

You enter the hours you worked on the Student Link.  Click “WORK” tab, then select “Employee Time Entry”.  The work week is Monday through Sunday and you have to enter your hours prior to 11:59pm on Sunday night.  After you enter all your hours, click “Submit to Supervisor”.  Nick will sign off on them on Monday.  If you forget to enter your hours, please e-mail Nick asap.

Direct Deposit

Everyone needs to sign up for Direct Deposit via the Student Link.  Click “WORK” tab, then select “Direct Deposit Authorization.”  If you don’t, you have to physically pick up your check at Student Employment at 881 Commonwealth Ave.

Dress Code

Generally speaking, SPS staff should wear the black SPS polo provided with suitable pants and shoes to work in.  For certain events that are more high profile, you may be asked to be in more professional attire (e.g. dress shirt, dress pants, no jeans).  We will make it clear when scheduling if you need to dress up for a work shift.

The Office & “The Cage”

Located in the basement of the GSU, our address is 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Rm B-08, Boston, MA 02215.  The main office number is 617-358-3373 and our main e-mail is  The office is a shared space for a lot of people.  The Production Manager is assigned to the smaller office, while the Technical Directors share the large office workspace and the rest of the student management team use the front office area.  “The Cage” is located further down the basement hall and is the main storage area for SPS equipment.

Keeping the office clean and neat is a priority.  Please be mindful that this is a shared work space and treat it with care.  SPS staff will be given a key that works for both the office & the Cage.  Always make sure that doors are locked when you leave the office or the Cage.  The SPS Equipment Manager will give very strict guidelines & instructions about equipment storage in the Cage and it is each person’s responsibility to follow them.