Working for us means being an integral part of hundreds of student events!  No two events are ever the same and you’ll get to truly experience BU’s diversity by providing these events with production services in theatrical lighting, sound, and multimedia.


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RESPONSIBILITIES: Setup & operation of live production technical support (e.g. theatrical lighting, sound reinforcement, multimedia projection/audio) for variety of events, including concerts, theatrical productions, dances, lectures, and films.  Employees must attend semesterly training sessions and eventually show a strong understanding of SPS services, equipment, and the ability to troubleshoot in technical situations. Staff is responsible for facilitating production services to student groups during weekly office shifts.  Must have ability to follow directions, safety guidelines, and adhere to timeline.  Work-study grants preferred, but not necessary.

SCHEDULE: Varies.  Daytime and evening shifts, weekday and weekends.
DRESS CODE:  SPS Polo Shirt; Business formal attire for certain high profile events.
CONTACT: Nicholas Vale, 617-353-6729, email