Tution and Finances

Student Accounting Services is responsible for billing students and processing payments. Their mission is to provide excellent service to students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, sponsoring agencies and others in support of the academic, administrative and financial activities of Boston University. Information on tuition and fees at Boston University is posted by academic year and school by Student Accounting Services

Student Financial Services helps Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) students identify ways to effectively meet their financial needs. SFS offers a friendly, student-centered environment that welcomes walk-ins, appointments, telephone calls and emails.

Most students may register either as full-time (12–18 credits) or part-time (1–11.5 credits), and in general, they may change this designation each semester. Students who change their status after registering must notify the SPH Registrar’s Office so their status can be updated.

Full-time students

  • Full-time students pay a flat rate for tuition for up to 18 credits.
  • Full-time candidates may not remain registered for more than 18 credits without written permission from the Associate Dean for Education. If granted this permission, they are assessed full-time tuition plus $1,374 per credit for each credit above 18 credits.
  • New students who wish to pursue a full-time schedule should register for no more than 16 credits or five courses in their first semester

Part-time students

  • Part-time students (11.5 or fewer credits) pay per credit.
  • Students applying for federal loans, loan deferments, or most institutional scholarships must register for at least six new credits each semester.
  • Part-time students cannot use federal financial aid towards classes that will not count towards their degree (e.g., PDP classes, undergraduate classes, unapproved graduate-level classes at other BU schools and colleges).

International students

  • International students studying under an F-1 visa must register for full-time status.