Drop/Add Courses

Students may make modifications to their schedule prior to the start of the semester, but any adjustments to course loads may increase or decrease the tuition due for the semester.

Students will not be financially penalized for any drops for full semester courses processed within the first five weeks of the semester by the “Drop without a ‘w’ grade” date set by the university as long as registration in one or more courses for the applicable semester is maintained. Half semester or other non-standard courses have abbreviated drop and withdrawal schedules that may be viewed by clicking the class meeting dates on the Student Link. Students are encouraged to view their Student Account periodically by using the “Money Matters” tab on the Student Link and selecting “Student Account Inquiry.”

The University Tuition Refund Policy automatically goes into effect when you drop all of your courses for a given semester, as dropping all classes constitutes withdrawing.

Because some courses fill up early in the registration period, check the seat availability on the Student Link Class Schedule. Submit an online wait list form to be added to a class wait list.  The wait list form is deactivated once the semester starts. Students should use an add/drop form to add classes.  If a class has already met, the instructor must sign the form.

Any full semester courses dropped after the 5th week of the semester may result in a grade of “W” being assigned. Any full semester courses dropped after the 12th week of the semester after the “Drop with a ‘w’ grade” date set by the university must have a grade assigned. Non-standard, half semester courses have abbreviated drop with and without a “W” periods that display on the Student Link by clicking on the class meeting dates for that class.