Fall 2014 registration is ongoing online until September 1. Review Ongoing Changes to Fall 2014 Schedule for a list of course changes since the schedule was published.

The following classes have active wait lists; students should not attend these classes in hopes of getting in. Students on the wait list will be offered seats if they come open before the first class class meeting. After the first class meeting, the wait list is no longer active.

a. EH811 A1
b. EP813 A1
c. IH720 B1
d. IH743 A1
e. IH854 A1
f. MC725 A1 (unless MCH concentrators)
g. MC802 A1
h. PM702 B1
i. PM721 A1
j. PM736 A1
k. PM755 A1
l. PM758 A1
m. PM827 A1
n. SB710 A1
o. SB721 D1

Continuing students are encouraged to review the Fall 2014 Registration Packet and Schedule for information on classes, tuition and fees, transfer credit, waivers, cross registration, and more!

Undergraduates who meet the SPH undergraduate registration policy criteria may add an SPH class through the Student Link up to the start of classes on September 2.