Elective Courses

Students must meet the core course and concentration requirements for the MPH degree, including the practicum experience, as described elsewhere in this Concentrator Guide. The remaining credits of the MPH program may be met by taking electives, which are courses in other concentrations that are not part of the required core courses. Students are free to register for any course offered at the School of Public Health, assuming they meet the stated prerequisites. There are eight academic concentrations within the MPH program (the six with core requirements plus Maternal and Child Health and International Health), and other courses deemed interdisciplinary public health, or PH, courses. Students may also take courses through other graduate schools at Boston University, the Boston Consortium, or other accredited universities in the United States. Courses taken outside of the BU School of Public Health are subject to the transfer credit policy.

When choosing elective courses, whether they are in SB or a different concentration, consider what content areas and skills you wish to develop. Depending on your interests, the other concentrations offer courses that will compliment different aspects of the field of SB. Talk to your classmates in other concentrations, use the course description search to search by keywords, review course syllabi, as well as the student course evaluations, and discuss your interests with your advisor.

For the Social and Behavioral Science concentrators, the faculty recommends students take any elective that meets the student’s learning objectives.  For more information on electives outside of the Social and Behavioral Sciences concentration, please see your academic advisor.  Please note that as electives, these courses do not count for SB credit though students may elect to take extra courses in their concentration as elective courses.