The International Health faculty are committed to their role of teacher and mentor inside and beyond the classroom. Their research brings depth and a real-life context to the classroom.

Bios for the full- and part-time faculty can be found under the Faculty & Staff tab at sph.bu.edu.

Adjunct Teaching Faculty

In addition to the faculty based at the School, BUSPH employs a number of experienced public health professionals from the community as adjunct faculty. These adjunct faculty bring a wealth of information to the classroom as well as help build bridges between the communities that surround the Boston University Medical Campus. Additionally, they often connect students with practica, research opportunities, and community events.

Last Name First Name BU Adjunct Title Home Institution BUSPH Faculty Contact
Ajayi Ayorinde Adjunct Associate Professor PATH TBA
Bhutta Zulfiqar Adjunct Professor Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan Jon Simon
Bitran Ricardo Adjunct Assistant Professor Bitrán y Asociados, Chile Taryn Vian
Collins David Adjunct Associate Professor Managements Sciences for Health Taryn Vian
Connolly Gregory Adjunct Associate Professor Smoking Control Program, Massachusetts DPH; Professor, Harvard School of Public Health Susan Foster
Heggen-hougen Kris Adjunct Professor Centre for International Health, University of Bergen Lora Sabin
Honig Lucy Adjunct Associate Professor Consultant Taryn Vian
Kitleli Teboho Adjunct Assistant Professor Lesotho Red Cross TBA
Laing Richard Adjunct Professor Department of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies, WHO Jon Simon
Lamstein Joel Adjunct Associate Professor John Snow, Inc.; World Education Jon Simon
Levinson Jim Adjunct Associate Professor Tufts University Rich Feeley
Lewis Elizabeth Adjunct Assistant Professor Medical Economics/Employer Reporting, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Taryn Vian
Migliorini Luigi Adjunct Assistant Professor WHO Monica Onyango
Montagne Michael Adjunct Professor Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Chris Gill
Papilaya Alex Adjunct Professor Center for Family Welfare Research Institute, University of Indonesia TBA
Quick Jonathan Adjunct Associate Professor Managements Sciences for Health Jon Simon
Ross-Degnan Dennis Adjunct Associate Professor Harvard Medical School; Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Drug Policy Research Group Jon Simon
Sanne Ian Adjunct Associate Professor Clinical HIV Research Unit, Wits Health Consortium, The University of Witwatersrand Matthew Fox
Sheiman Igor Adjunct Associate Professor Higher School of Economics, Moscow Rich Feeley
Solomons Noel Adjunct Professor Center for Studies of Sensory Impairment, Aging, and Metabolism (CeSSIAM), Guatemala City Chris Gill
Pius Muffih Tih Adjunct Assistant Professor Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services Rich Feeley
Velasco Dulce Adjunct Assistant Professor Medical Mission Sisters Rich Feeley
Wagner Anita Adjunct Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School Jon Simon
Werner David Adjunct Associate Professor HealthWrights TBA
Wylie Blair Adjunct Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynocology, Mass General Hospital David Hamer
Zurovac Dejan Adjunct Assistant Professor Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) – Wellcome Trust Research Programme David Hamer