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International Health Concentrator’s Guide 2013-14

In the 21st Century, continued improvements in the health and development of the world’s societies will depend on our response to the challenges of poverty, disease, and inequity.  Emerging and re-emerging killers like HIV/AIDS, malaria, or multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, as well as the more subtle pandemics of gender-based violence, traffic accidents, and mental illness challenge international public health in profound ways.

Department Mission

The department of international health seeks to improve the health and well-being of underserved populations in low and middle-income countries through the education and training of our students, as well as through research, technical assistance, and service.  The department strives to:

  • Cultivate an active, practice-based learning community to develop leaders capable of creating positive change in public health; and
  • Empower citizens, governments, and organizations to improve lives and mitigate the effects of poverty using evidence-based policies, programs and advocacy.

Department Goal

The goal of the Master of Public Health with a concentration in International Health is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively on health issues in both domestic and overseas settings.  Students have the flexibility to combine coursework from a wide variety of fields in order to gain professional skills in program design, management, evaluation, and research, as well as building a core international health knowledge base with which to address the social, cultural, and epidemiological challenges that affect the health of populations.

International Health Communications

There are several ways to stay in touch with faculty and other students and to be informed about events and opportunities in the International Health concentration.

  • The IH Blast:

    The IH Blast is the department’s way of keeping you informed and up to date.  The IH Blast is a departmental blog that includes a calendar of events, a list of international health practicum and job opportunities, and useful information on the Culminating Experience (CE) and the practicum.  Please check this site often so that you are aware of important announcements, updates, and changes. We are always adding information to this resource, so stay tuned for future improvements!  

  • IH Listserv:

    You should receive a message in the first week of the semester with upcoming events.  If you do not, please contact Emily Morin to be added to the IH listserv.

  • Events Calendar:

    In the hallway of the Crosstown Building, we have a physical calendar of events up on the wall, as well as announcements, jobs, and course schedules posted.  Please stop by any time to check this out.

  • The International Health Departmental website
  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter

Please note that official communication from BUSPH and the IH Department will be through your BU email account.  Make sure to have your BU email forwarded to your regular email account so that you receive important communications in a timely manner.

Please contact Stacy Song, your Curriculum Coordinator, with any questions.