The Epidemiology faculty are committed to their role of teacher and mentor inside and beyond the classroom. Their research brings depth and a real-life context to the classroom.

Bios for the full- and part-time faculty can be found under the Faculty & Staff tab at sph.bu.edu.

Adjunct Teaching Faculty

In addition to the faculty based at the School, BUSPH employs a number of experienced public health professionals from the community as adjunct faculty. These adjunct faculty bring a wealth of information to the classroom as well as help build bridges between the communities that surround the Boston University Medical Campus. Additionally, they often connect students with practica, research opportunities, and community events.

Current Epidemiology Adjunct Faculty

Faculty & Organization

  • Julia G. Brody, PhD

    Silent Spring Institute

  • Julie E. Buring, ScD, MS Harvard

    Medical School

  • Bruce B. Cohen, PhD, MPH, MS MA

    Department of Public Health

  • Luc D’jousse, MD, DSc, MPH

    Harvard Medical School

  • Kenneth A. Freedberg, MD, MSc

    Aids Research Center, MA General Hospital

  • Howard Golub, MD, PhD, MS

    CareStat Incorporated

  • Marian T. Hannan, DSc, MPH

    Hebrew Rehab Center & Harvard MED School

  • Sonia Hernandez-Diaz, DrPH, MPH, MD

    Autonoma University of Madrid & Harvard SPH

  • James A. Kaye, DrPH, MPH, MD RTI

    Health Solutions

  • Timothy Lash, ScD

    Wake Forest Medical School

  • Samuel M. Lesko, MD, MPH

    Northeast Regional Cancer Institute

  • Barbara E. Mahon, MD, MPH

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Diane Feeney Mahoney, PhD, MS

    Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged

  • Thomas W. Mangione, PhD, MA JSI

    Research and Training Institute

  • Tara A. McCarthy, MD, MPH

    Boston Public Health Commission

  • Lindsey McNair, MD

    Vertex Pharmaceuticals

  • Christopher R. Meier, PharmD, PhD, MS

    University Hospital, Switzerland

  • Charles Poole, ScD, MPH

    University of North Carolina

  • Edward Ruiz-Narvaez, MS, ScD

    Harvard School of Public Health

  • Stefan Russmann, MD

    University Hospital of Zurich

  • George R. Seage III, DSc, MPH

    Harvard School of Public Health

  • Sandra C. Smole, PhD

    MA Dept of Public Health State Lab Institute

  • Henrik Sorensen, MD Aarhus

    University Hospital, Denmark

  • Andreas Stang, MD, MPH

    Martin Luther University, Germany