Professional Development and Research Opportunities

Professional Development

Public Health Forum

Public Health Forum is a monthly presentation at which students, faculty, and colleagues gather to examine contemporary problems or issues in the public health world. Speakers include public health practitioners and policy experts from around the globe and faculty from schools of public health universities. The goal of Public Health Forum is to promote awareness and dialogue about matters critical to the public’s health. The Forum is held monthly from 12 –1 PM during the academic year in room L-112. Topics for the Forum will be posted monthly throughout the school and medical campus as well as on the SPH web. If you have any questions about the Public Health Forum, please contact Vanessa Edouard at Past topics include: Fraud in Medical Research; Strategies for Addressing Health Disparities in Boston; and Male Circumcision: Our Best Available HIV Vaccine.

Professional Associations

In addition to skills that are gained through classes and professional development seminars, students benefit greatly from joining professional associations.  These associations offer students opportunities to meet people working in public health, learn about job opportunities, understand trends in the field, and polish communication and presentation skills at annual meetings.  Students are strongly encouraged to become active in any of the following organizations:

  • American Public Health Association (APHA) –
  • Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA)-

Research Opportunities in Epidemiology

The EPI faculty is committed to their role of teacher and mentor inside and beyond the classroom.  Their research brings depth and a real-life context to the classroom.

Directed Studies (EP911) and Directed Research (EP912) provide an opportunity for students to explore a special topic of interest under the direction of an SPH faculty member. Students may register for a 1, 2, 3, or 4-credits.

Arrangements for directed study and research are made directly with a full-time SPH faculty member. Studies to be completed with an adjunct faculty member must be approved by and assigned to the Department chairperson. Students must complete a paper registration form and have a Directed Study Proposal Form signed by the faculty member with whom they are working. Students are limited to 8 credits of directed study, directed research, or practicum during their MPH education.

Students are encouraged to meet with EPI faculty and their faculty advisor to discuss research opportunities.

For more information on the broad range of research areas faculty are currently engaged in: