Dual Degrees & Special Programs

Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree programs are specially approved programs that allow students to earn two degrees within a specific timeframe and structure, allowing for a savings of credits when compared with the two degrees completed sequentially.

Students enrolled in dual degree programs must carefully plan their studies in order to maximize their credits. We strongly suggest you work with your advisor, concentration contact, and dual degree program manager early and often during your studies.

Programs & Contacts

Pharmaceuticals Program

The Pharmaceuticals Program is available to Master of Public Health students who are interested in careers in or related to the pharmaceutical industry including employment settings such as pharmaceutical/biotech companies, pharmaceutical benefit management companies, consulting firms, state, federal or international agencies that interface with the pharmaceutical industry, or service delivery organizations (NGOs) that may be involved in public health programs that focus on pharmaceuticals.

The Pharmaceuticals Program is a unique educational experience. Students enrolled in the Program will learn what drugs are, how they work, how they are tested and developed and their safety monitored, how formularies are derived, and how drugs are licensed and regulated domestically and in international contexts. In addition, students acquire skills in pharmacoepidemiology, cost effectiveness analysis, project management, and how to develop and manage a formulary and a pharmaceutical supply chain. Additional analytic skills include approaches for addressing critical issues in the management of pharmaceuticals including health outcomes and quality of life, and prescribing patterns of providers.

The Pharmaceuticals Program includes a range of coursework to give students an exposure to contemporary problems from both domestic and global perspectives and prepares students for positions in both the public and private sectors in federal and state government agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, contracting research organizations, and international agencies.

Peace Corps Masters International Program

The Master’s International (MI) Program combines the MPH program with 27 months of field experience in the US Peace Corps. MI students may concentrate in any discipline at the school.

BUSPH established the first Public Health MI Program with Peace Corps in 1987. Nearly 60 MI students have served in Peace Corps since. Current MI students are or are about to serve in Peace Corps in Ethiopia, Guyana, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda and Vanuatu.

Program in International Health Practice (PIHP) in the Philippines

The Program in International Health Practice (PIHP) in the Philippines provides MPH students with the opportunity to fulfill the field practice requirement, by spending either a Fall or Spring semester attending classes at the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila (CPH-UPM), and participating in a number of field practice activities in a developing country setting.

This 16 credit program is particularly appropriate for International Health concentrators but may also appeal to other concentrators. It combines three essential aspects for MPH students who seek an international health career: gain experience living in a developing country, earn 16 credits (8 elective/8 IH) of coursework, and meet the field practice requirement.

In addition to coursework and field placement activities organized by CPH-UPM, students also participate in a community health and finance immersion experience led by Maria Cristina Carganilla- Paruñgao, RMT, MBAH which introduces students to how rural communities finance their health programs.