BU CRC – BU Med Campus Shuttle

For a complete schedule listing of the bus shuttle that runs between BU CRC (Main Campus) and BU Medical Campus, click on the following link: BU Bus Shuttle

BUSPH is accessible by public transportation and provides services for alternative modes of transportation.

Although the subway (known locally as “the T”) does not run directly to the Medical Campus, there is bus transportation from many T stops to the School. Frequent T and bus users can purchase a pass from major MBTA and Commuter Rail stations as well as some retail outlets. Students can save 11 percent by purchasing a “Semester Pass.” Students pay for a semester’s worth of passes (4 months) to receive this discount. Applications are available at 609 Albany Street, in the Office of Parking and Transportation.

For more detailed information about student’s semester passes, bike cage access, and other transportation options – please visit the TranSComm website!

Bus Service & Connections


BUSPH is accessible to the Red, Orange, Blue, Green, and Silver MBTA subway lines. In addition, there are direct bus connections from the following subway stations:


  • Station

    Bus to SPH

  • Andrew

    10, CT3, 47, Evening Shuttle

  • Central Square

    1, 47, CT1

  • Harvard Square


  • JFK/UMass (Commuter Rail)



  • Station

    Bus to SPH

  • Copley

    10, Evening Shuttle

  • Fenway


  • Hynes/ICA

    1, CT1

  • Kenmore


  • Longwood Medical Area

    47, CT3

  • Museum (Fine Arts)

    8, 47, CT3

  • Symphony

    1, CT1


  • Station

    Bus to SPH

  • Back Bay (Commuter Rail)

    10, Evening Shuttle

  • Chinatown


  • Mass Ave.

    1, CT1

  • New England Medical


  • Ruggles (Commuter Rail)

    8, 47, CT3, Evening Shuttle


  • Connects to the Green Line at Government Ctr.
  • Connects to the Orange Line at State St.


  • Newton Street (intersection of E. Newton & Washington Streets)


  • 1, 8, 47, 49


Bus Service & Connections

There are several bus stops located on the Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC):

  • 88 East Newton Street (“Newton Pavilion”)
  • East Concord Street, between Harrison Avenue and Albany Street
  • Massachusetts Avenue at Harrison Avenue

Five regular bus routes (Bus # 1, 8, 10, 47 & 49) and two express crosstown buses (CT1 & CT3) serve the BUMC area. All buses operate seven days a week, with less-frequent service on the weekend except the CT1 and CT3 buses, which do not operate on the weekend. The following buses stop at or near BUMC:

Bus # 1: Travels from Harvard Square, Cambridge (Red Line), to Dudley Bus Station via Massachusetts Avenue, making stops at Central Square, Cambridge (Red Line), Hynes Convention Center/ICA and Symphony (Green Line), and Massachusetts Avenue Station (Orange Line). This bus is free from Massachusetts Avenue Station with a bus transfer or a “T” subway pass. This bus operates every 12 minutes during peak hours.

Bus # 8: Travels from the JFK/University of Massachusetts, Boston “Harbor Point” Campus (Red Line/Commuter Rail), to Kenmore Square (Green Line) via BUMC. Connects with the Orange Line/Commuter Rail at Ruggles Station. Buses operate every 15 to 20 minutes during peak hours.

Bus # 10: Travels from Copley Station (Green Line) to City Point in South Boston and connects BUMC with Back Bay (Orange Line/Commuter Rail) and Andrew Station (Red Line). Buses operate every 20 minutes during peak hours.

Bus # 47: Travels from Central Square, Cambridge (Red Line), to Broadway Station, South Boston (Red Line). Stops at Fenway Station (Green Line) and Ruggles Station (Orange Line/Commuter Rail). Runs through the Fenway and Longwood area, to Dudley Bus Station, and then down Massachusetts Avenue to BUMC. Buses operate every 20 minutes during peak hours.

Bus # 49: Travels on Washington Street (2 blocks from the medical campus) from Dudley Square to Downtown Crossing, Boston (Close to Red/Orange Lines). Connects BUMC to New England Medical Center Station (Orange Line) and Chinatown Station (Orange Line). Every 10 minutes during peak hours. Subway passes are accepted on Bus #49.

Crosstown Bus #1 (CT1): Travels from BUMC to Central Square, Cambridge (Red Line), connecting with Massachusetts Avenue Station (Orange Line), Symphony Station (Green Line), and Hynes/ICA (Green Line). Bus operates from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., every 15 minutes during peak hours. Subway passes are accepted on crosstown buses. Service operates Monday through Friday only.

Crosstown Bus #3 (CT3): Travels from Andrew Station (Red Line) and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, (Longwood), connecting with Ruggles Station on the Orange Line/Commuter Rail and the Museum Stop (Green Line). Buses operate every 20 minutes during peak hours. Service begins from Ruggles Station to the Medical Center at 4 a.m., with the last bus leaving Longwood at 8:16 p.m. Subway passes are accepted on crosstown buses. Service to the BUMC area operates Monday through Friday only.



Zipcar offers self-service cars on-demand, 24/7 for rent by the hour or by the day. Rates includes gas, insurance, maintenance, and designated parking.

Members of the Boston University Medical Campus community receive a discount on Zipcar membership and applications fees. One of the Zipcar cars is conveniently located right on campus. For more information, visit