Academic Support

SPH offers a variety of academic resources both inside and outside of the classroom to promote academic success.

Inside the Classroom

Students are encouraged to take advantage of in-class resources to help them solidify the concepts learned in their coursework. These in-class resources include:

  • TA review sessions
  • instructor’s office hours
  • group study sessions formed with classmates

Please refer to your course syllabi for more information on these opportunities in your courses.

Outside of the Classroom

Additional programs are offered to ensure academic success outside of the classroom. For more information about writing resources, visit the writing resources page.


Starting or joining study groups with your classmates on Yammer is the simplest way to tap into the knowledge and skills of others, collaborate on projects using Notes, share tips and study resources, and plan meet-ups to study together outside of class. Beyond this, educational resources on learning, studying, and writing for public health students are published every Friday to the Yammer student network. Follow SPH Educational Resources on Yammer to receive notifications about these resources in your Home feed.

Core Course Tutoring

The core course tutoring program is a free peer tutoring program for MPH students who are at risk of failing to meet the minimum grade required (B–) in the MPH core courses. Students are referred to the program by their core course instructor. For more information, please contact the Tutor Coordinator.

Educational Resource Center (Charles River Campus)

George Sherman Union, 4th Floor
775 Commonwealth Ave.

The Educational Resource Center (ERC) provides comprehensive support services and resources students need to ensure academic success at a large urban university. The ERC’s progressive, non-remedial approach focuses on serving all Boston University students who are looking for assistance in meeting their academic challenges, whether large or small. The ERC’s dynamic programs and services are free to all current University students and alumni. For weekly updates and additional ERC resources, visit their blog. Hours of operation during the academic year are Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.–10 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.; Sunday, noon–10 p.m.; Saturday by pre-approval only.