Registration and Academic Planning

Formally accept your offer of admission and pay your tuition deposit.

If your primary email address has changed, please notify Admissions.

Shortly after you pay your deposit, you will receive an email from the School of Public Health regarding next steps. The email will be sent to the address used in your SOPHAS application. Make note of your Boston University ID number (U plus 8 digits). If you have a previous or current employment or educational affiliation with Boston University, you will retain your BU ID number from that affiliation. If you have a prior BU ID number under a different name and are assigned a new number, please alert the Registrar immediately. Students should have one BU ID only.

Learn about compliance requirements for Boston University

Check the personal tab on the Student Link.

Open your BU email account.

Approximately one week after you receive your BU ID, you will receive an email from BU Information Services Technology office ( instructing you to set up a BU “Early Access” email account (supported by Google). The account will give you access to online registration and other BU resources.  If you have trouble setting up your Early Access email account, please contact the Registrar’s Office. You will also receive an e-mail from the SPH Registrar with a PDF copy of the schedule.

Review academic information from your department or concentration.

About a week after you receive your BU ID, you will also receive an email from your department/concentration with information about academic planning. This email may also include your advisor assignment.

Registration Packet and Schedule.

This packet has a recommended “Course Scheduling by Concentration” chart on page 10.

Create a draft schedule.

Be sure to consult your concentrator guide to help you map out your classes.

Register for classes via the Student Link.

If a class is flagged or closed, you can submit a wait list form to be added to a class’s waitlist. Please do not email the course instructor; the Registrar’s Office staff is happy to assist you.

Consult with your curriculum coordinator or advisor

(if assigned) about your schedule and request any changes online, as necessary.

Check your book and reader list in August.

Readers and textbooks may be ordered online or purchased in person at the BU Barnes & Noble bookstore in Kenmore Square. Please note: some classes have pre-assignments that must be completed before the first class.

Complete the SPH plagiarism tutorial.

With your BU email address and password, please login and review the SPH Plagiarism Tutorial. The quick and informative electronic presentation is mandatory for all BUSPH students.

Transfer credits from other institutions or programs, if applicable.

To transfer course credit or to waive MPH core courses, please contact the Registrar. Learn about transfer credit and waiver policies.