Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

All notifications of withdrawal or requests for leave of absence must be received by SPH’s Registrar prior to the official start date for the applicable fall or spring to ensure that students are not academically or financially responsible for courses.

Students request a leave of absence or withdrawal by submitting a leave of absence or withdrawal form, available on the website and on the shelves located outside the Registrar’s Office. The date the form is received is the effective date of the leave of absence or withdrawal.

Students in all degree programs are required to register every fall and spring semester without interruption unless they officially request and receive approval for a leave of absence from SPH’s Registrar.

Degree candidates who fail to register for two consecutive fall and spring semesters without receiving approval from the SPH Registrar will be administratively withdrawn.

A maximum of two semesters of leave, taken separately or consecutively, is permitted. MPH students have five (5) years to complete their degrees, and leaves of absence are included in the five-year period.

Lack of registration does not constitute an official leave of absence or withdrawal.