Incomplete Grades

SPH students who matriculated after Spring 2011 must follow the stipulations in the Grading Policy regarding incomplete grades.

The policy below applies only to students who began their current degree program in Spring 2011 or earlier.

To request an incomplete grade in a given course, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. The student must complete a Request to Receive Incomplete Grade form and bring it to the instructor for review prior to the end of the course. This form is available only through the SPH Registrar’s Office.
  2. The instructor must review the form with the student and, if approved, attach the completed Request for Incomplete form to the final grade sheet for the class and forward both forms to the SPH Registrar’s Office. An “I” grade will not be assigned without an approved request form enclosed. The form must specify an extenuating circumstance that necessitates an incomplete grade being granted.
  3. The incomplete coursework must be completed by the required date determined in discussion with the instructor or additional penalties may ensue.
  4. If, however, the incomplete coursework is not completed within one calendar year, a final grade of “F” will be assigned automatically.

If a student has two or more incomplete grades, the School will limit the number of credits for which he or she may register to 4 credit units each semester, until the incomplete courses are graded or only one Incomplete remains. International students studying at Boston University under the terms of a visa that requires full-time study should check with the SPH Registrar’s Office and ISSO regarding the impact of part-time study. In some cases, students may have to withdraw or take a leave of absence if they are unable to maintain full-time status.

If a student does not attain the minimum grade required, the less-than-minimum grade will be treated as an Incomplete for purposes of the incomplete policy. Similarly, if a student receives a grade of less than a B– in a core course, the less-than-minimum grade will be treated as an Incomplete for purposes of the incomplete policy. SPH’s Registrar will follow the academic progress of students for whom such grading issues exist. If sufficient progress is not made, students may be placed on academic probation.